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C# Programming Sources

When I started reading about the .Net platform I always came across biased views. I decided to search and form my own opinion – and that is the prime reason of writing this article. Doing a search on “c sharp” on MSN is going to take you most likely to here (see below).

Validating Forms with JavaScript
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JavaScript is not a true security measure, but rather an added level of security and convenience for your users. Because JavaScript is a client-side technology (whereas PHP is server-side), incorporating it into your web pages can save users the hassle of having to submit a form to the Web server, have it checked by PHP, and then have the data sent back when there are errors. Instead, you can use JavaScript to immediately run through some tests and then, if the data passes, send the form information along to PHP. However, JavaScript does this of the cost of a larger file size for the user to initially download.

An Introduction to Classes in PHP

In this article, I will present a method for creating a very simple shopping cart in PHP. I assume you have a basic understanding of PHP or knowledge of an object- oriented language like C++ or Java. I will first introduce object orientation in PHP, and I guess many of you feel comfortable with this topic, so you may skip on to the section that deals with object oriented code.

News From The JavaOne Developer Conference

On March 25th Sun Microsystems kicked off the 7th annual JavaOne developer Conference. Sun Microsystems will showcase Java and XML web services and technology in new markets.

C# Inheritance for Java Programmers

So what is a class? A class is a plan or a blueprint for an object, like a blueprint for a house. What if you want your house to look like a neighbor’s house? Well, you change the blueprint and add another fireplace.

An Introduction to PHP and MySQL
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Setting up your own Windows e-commerce site may seem like a daunting task at first. There is quite a bit to know, though with a basic understanding of the underpinnings and a few good tools, you’ll be on your way in no time at all.

Hooking Up To A Database Using Servlets

In the first part of this article, I did not present any installation procedures and I felt that I left you in the cold. Therefore, I will do it here. Please keep in mind that the program presented here in not very difficult and if you cannot connect to the database, it is probably because of your setup.

Servlets, MySQL and JDBC Drivers
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With the “write once, compile once, run anywhere” power that the JDBC offers you, Java’s database connectivity allows you to worry about the translation of relational data into objects instead of worrying about how you are getting the data.