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Dr. Rachna D. Jain is a sales/marketing consultant and the author of "177 Low Cost Ideas to Successfully Market Your Professional Service Business". She shares even more profitable insights through her monthly newsletter & daily blog. To learn how you can make more money and have more fun in your business, please visit http://www.SalesAndMarketingCoach.com
10 Tips For Long Term Client Retention

Attracting and retaining long-term clients is a powerful strategy for growing your business. Long-term clients are likely to feel more satisfied, are more likely to refer others, and are more likely to purchase additional services from you.

10 Mistakes That Reduce Profitability

In my professional experience as a sales and marketing coach/consultant, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of small business owners on various issues related to sales and marketing. The owners who are struggling to keep their businesses afloat tend to engage in some, or all, of the following mistakes that reduce profitability.

Cash Flow Management

Cash. Most people want more. When running a small business it’s particularly important to monitor how cash is coming in and how much cash is going out. This month, I’d like to take a few minutes to share some ideas on cash flow management as in how you can keep more cash in your business for a longer time.

10 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Find More Time

It’s occurred to me lately that I don’t feel like there’s enough time to do everything I want to do in my business. Between working with clients, writing books and articles, teaching/training other professionals, marketing, and just living a good life, there seems to be less and less time in each and every day.

Successfully Selling Your Professional Services

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How to Profit from Initial Consultations

“I’d love to work with you, but…” How many times have you heard these words? As a professional service provider looking to grow your business, isn’t it sometimes frustrating to hold an initial session with someone who you’d love to work with but the potential client has a whole list of reasons why s/he would love to work with you, but…?