About Dr. Melody King

As vice president of sales & marketing for Treepodia, Dr. Melody King, DM, provides ecommerce solution expertise to harness the power of rich media in the form of engaging video content. Treepodia uses videos to help online retailers and businesses improve their merchandising offer and enhance their customers’ experience in an entertaining and effective way.
Four Rules of Effective Video Four Rules of Effective Video
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Online video. It’s the biggest news in marketing since the web first arrived on the scene in the mid-90s. According to Cisco, video currently accounts for 51 percent of internet traffic—and it’s on its way to 90 percent by 2014. …

Create and Maximize Videos for Improved SEO Create and Maximize Videos for Improved SEO
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If you’re like many website managers, you’ve been dealt a hefty blow by Google recently, with its various algorithm updates that have taken place over the past few months. The purpose of Google’s updates, known as “Panda” or “Farmer,” was …