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Quick Ways to Boost Sales in a Slow Economy

These days everyone has the same problem. With war updates broadcast 24/7, people are too focused on death, violence, political upheaval, and an uncertain future to worry about shopping. And that’s what puts the economy in its current state.

Put Sound and Video On Your Web Site

Sound and video are coming to the Internet in a big way. Now, with cheap new technology, anyone can turn their website into a TV or radio station without spending a dime.

Two Top Ways to Promote With Multiple Autoresponders

Three Letter Autoresponder Follow-up

A woman told me this week, “Your advertising is wasted if you don’t follow-up on your leads.” Her solution is to use a multiple autoresponder that sends her prospects a new sales message very few days.

Creative Ways to Make Your Press Release Work

Email strategies to get thousands in free media publicity.

How to Smartly Use Ad Exchanges to Get FREE Promotion

Bigger ad networks and exciting innovations are making ad exchanges the Net’s biggest promotion machine. SendFree introduces first email ad exchange with free autoresponders.

How to Promote Your Business With Low-Cost Events and Clever Stunts

iPrint sends actors dressed as ancient Roman soldiers into downtown San Francisco to get attention and hype the company’s latest offer. Evite’s CEO wanders the financial district handing out thousands of brightly colored pens emblazoned with the company logo.

How to Improve Your Profits With Customers You Already Have

Recently businesses have started tallying up what they spend to get each customer. One car dealership estimates every new customer costs at least $100 in advertising. An e-commerce firm figured out by the time they advertise and gave away free things to get customers, the cost is $250 per customer.

A Simple Way to Create 7 Effective Autoresponder Messages

Email is the Net’s most powerful marketing tool. And autoresponders are the best idea yet for marketing with email.

How to Choose, Start, and Succeed in Your Own Part-Time Business

This is a great time to start your own business, even if you have never thought of yourself as an entrepreneur. The economy is getting tighter, may companies are laying people off, and a paycheck doesn’t go as far as it used to.

How To Build Your Money-Making Email List

I’m often asked, “What’s the best way to build a business when you don’t have much money to spend.” I never hesitate when I answer. Build your own email list!

How To Improve Your Ranking On Search Engines
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New techniques can drive thousands of visitors to your web site.

How To Advertise Your Business or Web Site On Radio

Recent trends show radio is rapidly becoming the advertising method of choice for thousands of businesses and web sites. Radio lets you focus your ad dollars on specific groups of customers. You can zero in on important towns and cities. Radio also offers lower prices than other broadcast media.

Pay Attention To Your Customers!

A lot has been written about what makes a good salesperson. Education, experience, training, and even a certain inborn “killer instinct” have all been mentioned as necessary qualities to be good at sales. From my experience, however, the best salespeople are the ones who are the best “people watchers.”

HowTo Get and Use New Longer Website Names To Promote Your Business

New 67 Character Domain Names.

How To Sell Your Website or Domain Name For Big Money

There’s gold in web site domain names. You probably saw the headlines when business.com changed hands for $7.5 million. Wine.com went for big bucks, too. And who can forget when AltaVista had to shuck out millions to buy their name from the original owner?

Successful Upselling

How to super-size every sale to double, triple, and quadruple your profits instantly.

Seven Shortcuts to a Successful Internet Business, For People Who Are Already Too Busy

The Internet is a great equalizer giving opportunity to anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and go to work. But how do you build your own online empire when you’re already busy with job and family?

Pay-Per-Performance, The Newest Path To Surefire Advertising

Advertising used to be hit or miss. You would place your ads and wait for results. If new customers didn’t come through the door, you had little choice but to revise your ads and try again until you got it right.

How To Write Your Own Articles

Here’s a simple method for tapping into an outstanding source of FREE publicity for your business.

Want to Make Money Online? Market a Service to Businesses

Don walked across the street from his house to mine to announce he had finally retired. “But I’m not ready for the golf course,” he said. “I want to make a living on the Internet. What can I sell?”

How To Correct Common Marketing Mistakes

A well-tuned marketing campaign is a beautiful thing. Your advertising not only connects with just the right prospects, but it seems everyone is talking about you, your product, or service.

Power Promotion With Low-Cost Classified Ads

Classified ads are the world’s number one cheap way to advertise. They cost just a fraction of a large print ad, not to mention that you can get your classified ad in everything from an email newsletter to USA Today.

How To Get FREE Media Publicity With Your Short Announcement

Every day radio, TV, newspapers, and ezines give away millions of dollars in FREE publicity. There is nothing like waking up in the morning to the sound of your favorite radio announcer enthusiastically recommending your product, service, or idea. Your good reputation can spread far and fast, virtually over night.

How To Get Web Copy and Sales Letters That Pull

Web site not selling? Did your last ad fail to generate calls, emails, and customers through the door? The problem is probably with your copy–the writing that sells your ideas.