About Dr. Colin Walter

Dr. Colin Walter has a formidable international reputation in the design of hardware and algorithms for the implementation of RSA cryptography. He is on the programme committee of several international conferences (e.g. CHES and ARITH) and has given invited lectures on many occasions. He obtained his doctorate in algebraic number theory from Cambridge University and he is a senior member of the IEEE. Colin is most well-known to the international community for his invention of the first ever purely locally connected systolic array for modular multiplication. This enables servers to perform the calculations for very large numbers of SSL key exchanges at once. Recent research has led to the MIST algorithm, patented by Comodo, which is a key ingredient in the secure implementation of electronic purses on smartcards.
What is the Point of Encryption if you Don’t Know Who For?

Phishing is the fastest growing threat in the history of Internet and has gained immense popularity amongst Internet fraudsters and hackers as a simple yet effective way to gain unsolicited access to confidential user information.