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Bing Reaches Out To BlackBerry Users

BlackBerry users who feel ignored every time a report on the mobile industry stops after comparing Android devices and the iPhone have reason to be grateful to Bing.  Today, Bing for Mobile updates were announced that will bring the app to more BlackBerry users, add new features, and improve the overall experience to boot.

Gmail Labs Get Search Feature

The point of a laboratory is to facilitate testing.  The average chemist might not get too far if he was just presented with a jumble of beakers, however, and similarly, Gmail Labs has been getting pretty messy.  A new feature promises to fix that issue.

Yahoo7 Purchases Group Buying Site For $40 Million

Yahoo7, which is the product of a partnership between Yahoo and the Seven Network in Australia, is now also part of the group buying phenomenon.  Yahoo7 announced today that it’s acquired Spreets, a group buying site with 500,000 members.

YouTube Launches New Homepage For All Users
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Statistics prove that YouTube.com is one of the most visited pages in existence.  At the same time, anecdotal evidence suggests people barely give it a glance before conducting a search or clicking away.  So a new homepage has been designed, and it’s now launched for everyone to see.

A quick clarification: the overhauled homepage is actually available for everyone who’s logged in to see.  Which some people may view as an inconvenience or even a threat to their privacy, but also allows for a degree of personalization.

eBay Delivers Impressive Q4 Earnings Report

The fourth quarter of 2010 – which of course coincided with the all-important holiday shopping season – was a pretty good period for eBay.  The company reported its financial results this afternoon, and managed to come in above analysts’ forecasts.

Google Updates Ad Preview Tool
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AdWords advertisers who prefer not to go with the "guess and check" method when trying to attract customers are in luck.  This afternoon, Google announced some improvements to its Ad Preview Tool, allowing users to get a good idea of how their ads will appear without wasting any time or money.

Yandex Reports 43 Percent Revenue Increase
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The Russian search company that has had little difficulty fending off Google in its homeland is also doing rather well financially.  Today, Yandex announced its 2010 financial results, and the company saw its revenues increase by an impressive 43 percent compared to 2009.

That puts Yandex’s revenue for 2010 at about $410 million, which is a tidy enough sum.  As for some other achievements, an official announcement explained, "Revenues from contextual advertising grew 45% year-over-year."

Twitter Launches In Korean

Twitter usage has increased a lot in South Korea over the last year, and it may soon skyrocket.  Late yesterday, Twitter announced that it has launched in Korean, giving South Korea’s 48.5 million citizens the opportunity to access the service in their native language.

Playboy To Move To iPad

Adult content may at last heading to the iPad.  Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, who recently asserted new control by offering to buy out the company’s remaining shareholders, has stated that uncensored versions of the magazine will be available on the device starting this March.

Hefner, who will turn 85 in April, shared the news late yesterday on Twitter.  You can see his first tweet on the subject below.

Google Sees Search Ad Gain In China

Early last year, it looked like Google might leave (or get kicked out) of China.  Then, in a business sense, the best-case scenario appeared to be a series of embarrassing losses to Baidu.  But a new report from Analysys International indicates that Google’s share of search advertising revenue in China may have stabilized at a respectable level.

Google Snags Microsoft Kinect Developer
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Last year, Google invested in Zynga and Ngmoco, acquired Slide and Jambool, and unveiled games intended for the Chrome Web Store in rapid succession.  Now, the search giant may be ready to take another game-related step, as it’s hired Kinect developer Johnny Chung Lee to join a special projects group.

iPhone Users Found To Be Most Loyal

Whether it’s been accomplished by the hardware, the software, or the marketing department, Apple has done something right when it comes to creating user loyalty.  New data from Zokem indicates that iOS users are more loyal than the users of other mobile operating systems by a wide margin.

Zokem surveyed over 1,500 smartphones users and found that, on a loyalty scale ranging from negative 100 to 100 percent, the iPhone scored an impressive 73 percent.  That puts it far ahead of the competition, as the chart below shows.

LinkedIn’s Board Of Directors Gets New Member

Boards of directors tend to stay in the background at most companies; when it comes to people, you’re much more likely to hear about the CEO, a VP of something or other, or even some hotshot engineer.  But LinkedIn’s board has a new member this morning, and Michael Moritz brings a lot to the table.

Educated at Oxford, Moritz has previously served on the boards of directors at Google, PayPal, and Yahoo.  He’s on five other boards right now, too, and also acts as a managing partner at Sequoia Capital.

118% Increase In Facebook Ad Revenue Expected This Year
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If and when Goldman Sachs begins selling shares of Facebook, the banking and securities firm is almost guaranteed to have no trouble finding buyers.  Adding to the existing hype, a new report from eMarketer predicts that Facebook’s ad revenue will soar from $1.86 billion in 2010 to $4.05 billion this year.

Google Dominance In Czech Republic Disputed
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Last week, reports indicated that Google had become the top search engine in the Czech Republic, leaving it not number one in just five countries.  Jaws dropped and people applauded in response.  Only now, Seznam.cz – a competitor in the Czech Republic – has claimed that everyone was far too quick to believe the initial assertion.

Private Facebook Offering Closed To Americans

Often enough, products, services, and contests that originate in the U.S. are just available and/or open to American citizens.  Now, in an unusual reversal of that custom, Goldman Sachs has announced that only clients who aren’t based in the U.S. will be allowed to buy shares of Facebook’s private stock through the firm.

Italy Concludes Google Antitrust Probe

An antitrust probe that began way back in August of 2008 has at last concluded, and the outcome tends to favor Google.  Italian authorities have decided not fine the company or subject it to any additional regulation.

Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave Of Absence
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Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking another medical leave of absence.  Apple confirmed the move this morning with an official statement, which we’ve reprinted in full below.


Rumor: Chrome Chief To Stick With Google Despite Twitter Bid
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As news stories go, there have been more interesting ones than an employee not switching companies.  However, rumors indicated that Twitter was courting Google’s Sundar Pichai, and in order to keep him – which Google has – Google likely had to lay out a significant sum of money.

To set the scene: Sundar Pichai has been with Google for almost seven years.  Currently, he serves as a vice president of product management, and he’s also in charge of Chrome and Chrome OS.  So Pichai’s very much an important person at the company.

Google Introduces More 45
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Between them, overhead satellite images and Street View photos tend to provide Google Maps users with a pretty complete picture of an area.  But – following in Bing’s footsteps – Google began to offer 45° imagery last year, and today, Google introduced images of ten new areas.

Google Introduces More 45

Between them, overhead satellite images and Street View photos tend to provide Google Maps users with a pretty complete picture of an area.  But – following in Bing’s footsteps – Google began to offer 45° imagery last year, and today, Google introduced images of ten new areas.

Google Introduces More 45

Between them, overhead satellite images and Street View photos tend to provide Google Maps users with a pretty complete picture of an area.  But – following in Bing’s footsteps – Google began to offer 45° imagery last year, and today, Google introduced images of ten new areas.

Evercore Upgrades Google Ahead Of Q1 Report

There are six days to go until Google announces its first quarter financial results, and as people begin to weigh in with predictions, the analysts at investment banking firm Evercore are optimistic that things will go well.  Indeed, Evercore upgraded Google and raised its price target today.

With respect to the first half of that development, Swetha Gopinath reported, "Evercore Partners upgraded Google Inc to ‘equal-weight’ from ‘underweight’ citing positive advertising trends on strong e-commerce spending but said Facebook remains a concern."

comScore Assigns Gains To Google, Bing In December
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New stats from comScore are out, and as seen by the research firm, it seems the December search market was an eventful place.  Google and Bing both managed to increase their market shares, while Yahoo saw a somewhat substantial drop occur.

Let’s start at the top.  According to comScore, Google’s market share rose to 66.6 percent, putting it a rounded decimal point away from being the search engine used by two-thirds of Americans (if you figure that 66 and two-thirds would round up to 66.7).