About Donna Schwartz Mills

Donna Schwartz Mills, CMP is a veteran events planner awarded the Certified Meetings Professional designation by the Convention Liaison Council. She is now the webmaster/editor of the NOBOSS ParentPreneur Club. http://www.parentpreneurclub.com/
My PDA, Myself

I used to be one of those people who kept everything in their head. I prided myself on my ability to memorize phone numbers and birthdays, and knew my schedule without writing anything in a calendar.

Then I became a mom.

I am now one of the most forgetful people on the planet. I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that I am no longer responsible for just myself (keeping track of my schedule, my daughter’s schedule, the school’s schedule, the play dates, the after school lessons and more)… or if I lost brain cells during pregnancy … but my short term memory has turned to mush. These days, I need to write everything down… more than ever, now that I have a business of my own.

Beating the Online Marketing Blues

There are some things you just can’t “dot.com.” Here’s one way to beat those online marketing blues by doing some face-to-face networking…

The Internet has been a boon for the home business person, enabling small enterprises to market to and take orders from customers all over the world. But as effective as working a business online can be, there are times when the home entrepreneur may crave a little one-on- one interaction with her customers. That’s when she should consider taking her act on the road… to a trade show.

Where Credit is Due: Easy Financing for Your Home Business?

Financing is often the biggest obstacle faced by people planning a home business. Initial expenses like setting up a home office, buying equipment and advertising all require money — which, for the typical small start-up, can be in limited supply.

Charity Begins at the Home Office

Most societies have a tradition of giving to the needy; We’re told to do so by our parents, teachers and clergy. It is the right thing to do — and it can also be a smart business strategy.