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Donald Nelson is a web-developer, social worker and editor. He is the proprietor of A1-Optimization, http://www.a1-optimization.com and provides search engine optimization, copywriting, reciprocal linking and other web promotion services.
Linking Strategy In The Post-Jagger Period

“Please take down my link.” I never thought I would live to see the day that I would get an email like this, but the latest Google update has caused some people to panic.

Choose the Promotion Methods That are Best For YOUR Site

Website Promotion is a varied enterprise. There are several methods of online promotion, and each website owner has to choose the mix of methods that is best for his or her particular website.

How to Protect Yourself from Phishing, the most dangerous kind of Spam

Spam is one of the curses of the Internet age. But if the clogging of mail boxes with useless emails was bad enough, unsolicited emails aimed at tricking you into giving your valuable passwords, banking and PIN numbers is the most dangerous variety of email that you will ever encounter.

How to Write and Use Description Tags on Your Web Pages

Many people are afraid to write the meta tags for their websites, thinking that they would have to be search engine optimization specialists in order to do it properly.

How to Manage Your Reciprocal Links Directory

Reciprocal linking is an inevitable part of the life of any webmaster. Incoming links are valuable because the rankings in Google depend in large part on the amount and quality of these links, and because incoming links provide a steady stream of traffic.

Optimization Tips for the New MSN Search Engine

The great and often-quoted baseball player Yogi Berra once said: “You can observe a lot by just watching.” That’s what I have been doing with the recently launched MSN search engine.

About UsUse This Section of Your Website to Boost Your Sales!

Many websites have an “About Us” page. However, when you click on the “about us” button and reach some of these pages, often you do not learn much about who is behind the website. This is a pity, for you, but it is also a loss for the person who owns the website, for she has missed a chance to convince you why you should do business with her.

How to Create Optimized Copy for your Website

Every website owner would like to have a top 10 or top 20 place in search engines. But very few website owners have ever asked themselves whether their site “deserves” to be in the top 20. If your site provides useful information, more quality content than the other competitors, then it “deserves” a top spot. However, if your site is thin on content then all the tricks in the world will not produce a top 20 listing. Here is a guide to creating the optimized copy that could boost your website’s ranking in the search engines.

Website Maintenance: What Does it Take to Manage Your Website?

Every action has a beginning phase where you launch your activity, a middle period in which you must sustain and develop it and a conclusion. Many people set up a website enthusiastically but then they find that they don’t have the skills or knowledge to maintain and develop it. So, what are the challenges in this middle phase of a website’s life and how can you meet them?

Content: the Key to Increased Website Traffic

Everyone wants to have a lot of traffic to their website. In order to get this traffic many people try to work on their meta tags or even do tricks trying to get more visitors to their website. One of the simplest and most solid ways to increase the flow of traffic to your website is to offer more content. It has often been said that on the Internet, content is king. It is important to understand how more content can bring more visitors to your site and how to generate content that is related to your particular web site.

Guide to Obtaining a #1 Ranking in the Search Engines

When it comes to optimizing your site for search engines you basically have two choices: You can hire someone, with experience, to do it for you, or you can learn the basic principles of search engine optimization and do it yourself.

Submitting Your Site To The Open Web Directory: Some Dos And Donts

One of the most important steps in any site’s publicity campaign is the submission to the Open Web Directory (http://www.dmoz.org) as this directory provides search results for many of the most important search engines and online portals. This directory is not a robot driven spider, but a human edited directory and you must observe a few important points if your submission is to be successful.

Search Engine Optimization: it’s the little things that count

Building a search engine friendly site can seem like a daunting task, but there are some parts of search engine optimization process that are quite simple and quickly done.

Ten Tips for Effective Internet Article Writing

On the Internet “content is king”, and the real guts of content is the written word.

Site Maintenance: What does it take to manage your website?

Every action has a beginning phase where you launch your activity, a middle period in which you must sustain and develop it, and a conclusion. Many people set up a website enthusiastically but then they find that they don’t have the skills or knowledge to maintain and develop it. So, what are the challenges in this middle phase of a website’s life and how can you meet them?

Updating the site: The beauty of a website is that it is not static like a brochure or printed document. You can change it to reflect new products or new developments in your enterprise. You can launch new campaigns, and at any time you can add more content.

The problem for some companies and individuals is that after they have paid a good amount of money to have their site built, they do not have any personnel who can make changes to the website, such as adding new text or photos etc. One solution to this is to make sure you have a good maintenance plan included in the contract or agreement you make your with your web designer, so that minor changes can be made by your original designer

Reciprocal Links: Quality is as important as Quantity

Link popularity, the number of incoming links to your website, plays an important part in determining your site’s ranking in a search engine. But, before you rush off to try and get any and all sites to link to you there are a few things to consider, and one of them is that the quality of the links is as important as the quantity.

Tips for Making Your Pages Search Engine Friendly

Your web site may look beautiful to your eyes, but what about to the “eyes” of a search engine? If you can understand how a search engine “sees” your site, than you can design the site or make the necessary changes so that your site will get a higher ranking in search results.

Seven Ways to Jump Start Your New Website

You’ve just got a new website and it looks beautiful, but unless you take some active steps to promote it, it will just sit there like a new car without any gas and empty tires.

How to Understand Your Website’s statistics

In the early days of the Internet it was common to visit a web site and see a counter informing you that “you are the 118,456th visitor to this site”, and various webmasters would proudly talk of how many “hits” their sites were getting. Now, things have changed and you will mostly find counters on amateur sites, and wiser webmasters now know that the term “hits” doesn’t really mean much.

The term hit refers to a request for a file on your web site. When someone visits your web page, they request your URL, but in order to see the page, they also have to get all the graphic files that are located on your page. So, one visitor to your page may be requesting 25 different files, and thus you have 25 hits.