About Dmitry Antonoff and Irina Ponomareva

Dmitry Antonoff, 28. I've been with Magic Web Solutions ltd. (UK), Dartford, Kent, as a marketer and an SEO consuntant, since May 2003. I specialise in website promotion, and copywriting. I'm eager to share my experience with the Internet community.

Irina Ponomareva, 32. I joined Magic Web Solutions ltd. (UK), Dartford, Kent, on March 2003. I've been acting as a web master, a developer, and an SEO specialist ever since.

The SEO articles we call your attention to summarise our knowledge gained from both online and offline sources and our actual SEO experience.
How Can Search Engines Help You with Your Business?

The world wide network known as the Internet, is gradually becoming more and more similar to the physical space inhabited by human beings. Surely, you know (or knew some day) one or two ‘nerds’ who long ago settled in the Internetland, and now find there everything to serve their needs. They work and earn their living in the Internetland, find their newspapers, books, magazines, movies, and music, have fun, visit e-shops, and pay for everything with e-money. They occasionally leave their hermitage, for a short time, to appease their hunger and to find more confirmations that ‘Offlinia’ is pretty lifeless.

Inappropriate Website Promotion Methods

The list of dubious means of search engine optimisation lengthens year on year. In theory, of course, we could all employ such means, but there are ethical issues to be tackled. And even if we ignore fair-play principles for a moment, it’s worth pointing out that cheap, scam-like promotion methods usually look cheap and scam-like, annoy Internet users and have a short lifespan because counter-measures are created.