About Dirk Brockhausen

Dirk Brockhausen is the co-founder and principal of fantomaster.com GmbH (Belgium), < http://fantomaster.com/ >, a company specializing in webmasters software development, industrial-strength cloaking and search engine positioning services.

He holds a doctorate in physics and has worked as an SAP consultant and software developer since 1994. He is also Technical Editor of fantomNews, a free newsletter focusing on search engine optimization, available at: < http://Fantomaster.com/fantomnews-sub.html > You can contact him at mailto:fntecheditor@fantomaster.com
Easy Domain Migration To a New Unix Server

Switching web providers or installing a new server entails migrating all your domain’s web pages and other files.

Paid Search Engine Inclusion Programs – The Details (1) Inktomi + AltaVista

Following our overview of current paid search engine inclusion (PFI) programs, we will now take a closer look at the technical procedures involved, spidering activity, quality of service, etc. This first instalment deals with Inktomi and AltaVista, more will follow in a later article.