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20 Ways to Grow Your Subscriber List

1. Make it easy for readers to subscribe by putting your subscriber form on your Web site’s home page. (In other words, don’t bury it.)

Quality Control: E-newsletter Tips From The Pros

I’ve always tested my newsletter before hitting the “send” button. I test it by sending it to myself — sometimes three or four times. I check to make sure the links work, that the line breaks are ok, and that I haven’t misspelled anything.

Red Hat Talks to Customers in Plain English

In the e-newsletter world, a subscriber list of 10,000 – 20,000 readers is pretty impressive. A few publishers, such as Larry Chase, have over 40,000 subscribers. So I was amazed when I learned Red Hat boasts a subscriber list of 800,000 people for its e-newsletter, “Under the Brim” (UTB).

Eight Tips For Gathering E-mail Addresses

Use these tips for collecting customers’ and prospects’ e-mail addresses — and don’t forget to ask for permission before sending information!

“E-mail” vs. “Email”
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While going through revisions on a project a few weeks ago, my client asked me, “Is it ‘e-mail’ or ’email?'”

Pitching Articles To Trade Publications

According to a recent survey by Patrick Marketing Group, most senior business managers are unhappy with their company’s PR efforts. When asked to rate their company’s effectiveness in PR on a 1 to 10 scale (10 being the highest), the average response was 5.8.

Increase Newsletter Readership: Make It Easy To Subscribe

Everyone puts out an e-newsletter these days. I’m getting more calls from companies who want someone to either write articles or oversee the project from start to finish. Which led me to a simple question — what types of product newsletters are companies putting out these days? You know, your typical company that manufactures instrumentation or software or that esoteric widget.