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Crawford House Collectibles – Sample Redesigns

I have included two of my own redesigns of Crawford House Collectibles in my review.
http://jetstream-technologies.com/crawford.html and http://jetstream-technologies.com/crawtest.html

Crawford House Collectibles – More Information, Please

My name is Randy Justason and I have been involved in the online marketing business for only a short while, therefore you may view the following review in light of that.

Crawford House Collectibles – Design Problems

When Crawford House Collectibles noted they needed some help in developing their web site they were being very honest with the rest of us. There is nothing on this web site that would entice me to go beyond the Home Page.

Crawford House Collectibles – Remember Your Customer

For me, the key to revising this site is to look at each element and say: does it help or hinder the customer?

Crawford House Collectibles – Short Comments

Some readers don’t send in a lengthy review, but all comments are worth a mention! Here are a few of the short ones.

Crawford House Collectibles Review – Appearance is Important

There are 2 main kinds of websites. One is a sales site and the other is an information site. The key to selling products online is knowing that a good portion of your visitors are not coming to buy stuff but rather coming to get information. So by providing them information for free and linking it with your products, you will probably see a better bottom line.

Crawford House Collectibles Peer Review – Getting Organized

In the article written by Jackie, a call for a review was made. I make the below comments in the interests of helping out, and I am purposely critical. Not in the hopes that it will anger or frustrate you, but in the hopes that the criticism will help you to better your companies website.

Crawford House Collectibles – Too Much Clicking

Have to click to many time to get where you want to be. One click should get you right to the substance.

Crawford House Collectibles – Make Your Site More Like a Shop

1. Any sales oriented website homepage is a shop window, and yours doesn’t make you customer feel like pushing the door open. No logo to catch the eyes and to remember.

Crawford House Collectibles – Don’t Waste Your Descriptions On Metatags Alone!

This store has some cute items in it. I think it could do quite well, but agree that it does need a bit of tweaking and adjusting.

Crawford House Collectibles – Make It Friendlier

The design and layout was fairly nice and simple, but the “Consumer Friendliness”, and “Site Optimization” need some fixing. As it stands now, sales will be to friends and relatives, and you will not be found in search engines.

Crawford House Collectibles – Correcting the Look and Feel

I’m glad to see that Crawford House Collectibles realizes their site has severe problems and they are willing to seek assistance. I hope some of these suggestions will help.

Crawford House Collectibles – Misleading Blue Links

While I’m sympathetic to wanting save money with a generic site, there are plenty of prefabs available for free or at low cost that are attractive and inviting (and demand fewer steps to get to the products than this one).

Crawford House Collectibles – Wholesale, Or What?

In the middle of the page there is a listing of the type of items in the on-line store. I would suggest that each category link to that particular area in the e-store. This may not be possible given that all the products are listed on the directory page. I think it is important reduce the number of clicks for the people who knows exactly what they are looking for.

Toolup.com Peer Review – Reorganize Navigation

Sorry, but your navigation drove me nuts.

Toolup.com Peer Review – Simplify Navigation

The overall site design loaded quickly, and the aesthetics of the site weren’t too bad. The only comments I have are:

Toolup.com Peer Review – Consistent Linking

Kevin needs to have his links consistent on each and every page. On some of the pages his categories are not there. I had to back page a long while to get back to it.

Toolup.com Peer Review – Emphasize What’s Important

My first impression of toolup.com is it is an attempt to be like officedepot.com, buy.com, and other dot.coms. The only people that are concerned with whether a business has a physical location are those that have an interest in being touchy-feely. The general population realize that what they want are great prices.