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Derek Vaughan is an Internet industry veteran, marketing consultant and writer. Mr. Vaughan has architected the marketing growth of several prominent web hosting success stories leading to acquisition including Affinity Internet, Inc., Aplus.Net and HostMySite.com. Prior to his entry into the web hosting industry, Mr. Vaughan was responsible for online marketing at The Walt Disney Company where he marketed ecommerce for the ESPN.com and NASCAR.com brands. Mr. Vaughan received his M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University and currently serves on the HostingCon Advisory Board.
Will Twitter Replace Google in Search?
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Has Google’s model of spidering and indexing web pages in an ordered list become obsolete? Is the old static model of search about to be replaced? Does a real-time online conversation (a la Twitter) make for a more relevant and compelling search experience? These are the questions that I recently posed to a group of search and Internet experts. To say that these guys know their stuff would be a complete understatement. It’s more like these are the professionals that have defined the modern science of search and search marketing. You’ll see what I mean when you read the quotes below.

Why Website Title Tags Are So Important

Ever notice that in the upper left corner of the main bar of the Internet Explorer (IE) browser (most statistics report 84% of Internet users or higher are using IE) there is some text on every website you visit?

What Big Online Retailers Don’t Want You to Know

Are you operating a small or medium-sized online retail store? Have your ecommerce efforts been thwarted by a big online retailer? If so, take heart! Things aren’t as bad as they might seem. In fact, instead of being intimidated by the big online retailers – you should welcome the opportunity to compete with them! Here are some things that they won’t tell you that could give you a real advantage when trying to gain more ecommerce customers at their expense.

The Power of Paris Hilton
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A hacker has been sucking bandwidth out of my site recently. Maybe you’ve heard of her – Paris Hilton. That’s right, the Paris Hilton – heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune, with modelesque features, and a quasi-realty TV show. Well, okay so she’s not a hacker, exactly – but she has for SURE been costing me money in extra bandwidth costs and I’m going to issue her an invoice for it!