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Denise Hall is the author of Get Inside the Minds of Scam Artists! Discover the Tricks of Their Trade!, an e-book written to help Internet business owners prevent and combat customer fraud. Visit here for more information: http://www.ad-alyzer.com/727/avoidfraud
Don’t Get Caught With Your Profits Down!

It’s the busy season – the time of year when your customers shop ’til they drop. As a business owner you’re probably happily enjoying the extra sales the holiday season brings. Cha-ching! Cha-ching!

Do You Play Hit and Miss With Your Marketing?

Too many online marketers use a “hit and miss” marketing approach. By that I mean placing some ads here and there in the hopes of selling something. And it’s the worst possible way to do business.

Home Business : A Thing of The Past or The Wave of The Future?

The world of small businesses started crashing down in the recent past and continues to do so. Not long ago many home businesses were thriving, but now they’re caving in to a faltering economy.

Don’t Bite the Hands That Used to Feed You

When we begin working online we have no idea how to get visitors to our website, let alone actually make a sale. We start to read everything we can get our hands on to learn as much as we can.

Shocking Facts – What Debt Settlement Companies Don’t Tell You
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If you’re thinking about using a debt consolidation or debt settlement service to help you get out of debt faster and save money on your monthly payments, make sure you do your homework before choosing a company. There are definitely shams and scams out there.

It Can’t Happen to Me…..Can It?

We all know scams abound on the internet. The types we’re probably most familiar with are the “get rich quick” schemes and the “Nigerian scam” letters. If you’re smart and you’ve done your homework you’ll steer clear of both.

Spam and Scams Go Hand in Hand

We all know there’s been alot of chaos lately about new anti-Spam laws and honest business owners like you and me don’t want to have our businesses and ezines shut down due to false complaints. Yet we also know that true Spammers and Scammers will continue to get away with their crap.

To Have Your Own Product or Not To Have Your Own Product? That is the Question!

If you’ve been working online very long you’ve probably noticed different people will give you different advice for earning money and building your business.

When the Chips are Down, Encouragement Goes a Long Way

Have you ever been so discouraged that you were ready to give up? Do your dreams of a profitable home business seem very far away at times?

Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse!

Every netrepreneur knows that the most important aspect of building a business is responsive leads. Whether you publish an ezine or just send occasional sales letters via e-mail, if you don’t get a good response, you won’t have a profitable business.

Can You Really Make Money Online?

The internet is a vast world of information, products and services for everything imaginable. Can the average person truly become financially successful? How do you even begin?

Home Business: A Dream or a Nightmare

Many of us dream of someday having our own business. Whether it is a grocery store, craft supply shop or accounting office we dream of being our own boss.

The #1 Rule for Businesses – Be Professional

Have you ever walked into a store and things looked sloppy? Stores should have nice neat displays, right? Normally, yes, but sometimes they get a bit messy on busy days and we all understand how that can happen.

Are You Viral?

No, I’m not asking if you have a cold. Or if you’re spreading a computer virus. I’m talking about your business. Do you have hundreds of visitors to your website everyday? Are you making lots of sales? Can you afford to quit your day job?

Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

We’ve all heard that old saying, right? Of course, we have. And it’s so true!

Are Affiliate Programs Sensible?

Have you ever wondered how “the big guys” earn so much money on the internet? Sure, some of them have huge advertising budgets, which puts small business owners at a disadvantage.