About Dee Power

Dee Power is the co-author with Brian Hill of ?Attracting Capital From Angels? http://www.attractingcapitalfromangels.com and ?Inside Secrets To Venture Capital? http://www.insidesecretstoventurecapital. Available at amazon.com, online booksellers and book stores nationwide.
The Bestseller In You: Frequently Asked Questions About Book Publishing

These questions are focused on traditional publishing. Publish On Demand (POD) and ebook publishing will be included in a future column.

Looking For An Angel — Investor That Is: Know What Youre Looking For

Entrepreneurs always need additional capital for their company. Friends and family have already contributed, the company doesn’t qualify for traditional bank loans, and venture capitalists aren’t interested. So what can an entrepreneur do? Look for an angel investor.

What Do Entrepreneurs Think About Business Planning?

* More than four out of five entrepreneurs have a written Business Plan for their company

Business Investment or Divine Intervention: Understanding Angel Investors

You’ve already gone to friends and family for help. You know your company doesn’t qualify for a bank loan. And it’s too early for venture capital. So what’s an entrepreneur to do? Start looking for an angel investor. Angel investors — private individuals who invest their own money in companies — fund more companies at an earlier stage with more dollars than any other kind of capital.

Write your Business Plan in 30 Days

Getting started on the business plan is often the biggest hurdle in the whole process of business planning. The project can be overwhelming. While the concept of business planning has tremendous merit, the actual implementation of the process can be daunting, even if you have written a business plan before. One of the most effective ways of completing any project, is to break it into smaller more manageable segments.