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Is It Time To Update Your Resume?
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The motto “Be prepared,” isn’t just great advice for Boy Scouts; it’s also great career advice. You never know when the perfect career opportunity will present itself. If a recruiter called you today with your dream job, would you be prepared to send out an up-to-date resume right away?

For Interview Success Start by Asking the Right Questions

Often the greatest interview anxiety focuses on trying to anticipate all the correct answers to interview questions. Equally important, however, are the questions YOU ask the interviewer. If job interviews are getting you no closer to an offer, maybe you are not asking the right questions.

Resume Posting vs. Resume Distribution-Do YOU Know the Difference?

The electronic age has revolutionized the way job seekers and employers meet. The marvels of online automation take the volume of resume traffic to levels unimagined only a few years ago. With services to job seekers expanding continually, it’s important to understand the different options available to increase the exposure of your resume to potential employers and recruiters.

Your New Years Resume Checkup

Like millions of people coast to coast, you may have resolved to start 2004 with renewed job-search enthusiasm. If it has been a while since you brushed up your old resume, you’ll want to begin your job search with a New Year’s resume check up.

Top 10 Interview Bloopers…and How to Avoid Them

We’ve all heard stories of job candidates who looked great on paper but who were absolute disasters in person. With fewer and fewer interview opportunities available in this competitive market, it’s essential to make the best possible first impression. You can learn from the mistakes of others and avoid the top 10 worst interview blunders.

Are You a Job Search Hermit?

If you’re experiencing an extended job search, chances are you’ve been through several hills and valleys: days of optimism followed by days of discouragement.

Three Critical Elements of a Successful Job Search

Any marketing guru will tell you, the success of a product launch depends on the quality of its advertising message, its exposure to a targeted audience and the skill of its sales presenters. If any one of those critical elements is missing, revenues fall short of corporate goals. Likewise, a successful job search requires:

The Resume Pyramid: Building a Great Resume From the Top Down

If you have experienced writer’s block while trying to construct your resume, you might find it helpful to think of your resume as a three-layered pyramid. All the elements of an effective resume will fit within those three layers.

Regain Your Job-Search Optimism with Three Easy Steps

If you’ve been in a job search for more than a few months, you already know that one of the greatest challenges is maintaining a positive attitude. Without it, going through the motions can feel as demotivating as running a race in lead boots. You begin to think “What’s the use? I’ve already sent out 50 resumes this week with nothing to show for it.”

Win Your Next Job With Three Essential Interview Skills

With competition for good jobs at an all-time high, candidates who conduct their job search as a sales campaign consistently win out over those who don’t. When job seekers practice the skills of sales experts they learn to apply the strategies of a sales presentation to their job interviews.

Getting Past the Screener and Into the Interview

I had an interesting conversation a while back with a hiring manager who made a comment about the surprising number of resumes she gets from people seemingly overqualified or from unrelated industries. Most of the resumes she tosses aside with disinterest.

Job-Search King of the Hill — Tough Career Lessons Learned on the Playground

When you were a child, did you ever play a game called “king of the hill?” In my childhood neighborhood we had a low sand hill just right for playing king of the hill. A dozen of us would rush to the hill to scramble and push our way to the top. The hill only allowed one person on top-the king, the champ.

Deborah Walker Answers Career Strategy Questions

Are you feeling stalled in your job-search efforts? Are employers and recruiters ignoring you? Do you wonder what you could do to improve your job-search results? Maybe I can help. As a former headhunter, I am known as “the Career Strategist.” In my work as a career coach and resume writer I am often asked such questions as: How do I find more job leads? How do I know what to put in my resume? Why can’t I get interviews? Are cover letters really important? How do I prepare for my next interview?

4 Cover Letters for 4 Job-Search Strategies

If you are like many who have resolved to move your job search into high gear, don’t forget the importance of the cover letter as part of your self-marketing materials. The cover letter is essential for creating a positive first impression. Additionally it answers questions such as:

Career Fairs — Your Shortcut to Job Interviews

In many cities and local communities, spring is career fair season. While these events often prove disappointing, job-seekers who understand how “work” career fairs use these events as powerful networking sessions leading to interviews with future employers. If you are considering attending a job fair soon, you’ll get more out of the event by following these three rules.

Are Headhunters Calling You… Or Ignoring You?

In my former life as a recruiter (also affectionately referred to as “headhunter”) I received hundreds of resumes a week from all parts of the country. The statement that a person’s resume gets a 15 second read is not far from the truth. In fact, 15 seconds is a generous assumption. In reality, a resume must capture the recruiter’s attention in the first five seconds to avoid the round file. Candidates can greatly improve their chance of catching the recruiter’s attention by following three simple rules: use the correct format, include plenty of quantifiable accomplishments and sprinkle liberally with appropriate keywords.

Practice Career Management to Avoid Career Crisis

Have you ever been caught in career crisis-sudden downsizing that finds you without a job, without prospects for a job, and without contacts who can refer you to jobs? Job seekers in career crisis make decisions based on fear and expediency rather than logic and clear planning. Career management helps one avoid career crisis.