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"Dangerous" Debbie Jenkins is a marketer, author and stand-up comedian who helps the owners of small expert businesses get more success by doing and spending less. Join her F^REE Lean Marketing eZine here ==> http://www.leanmarketing.co.uk/free-news.php
Why The USP Doesn’t Work Anymore & What To Do Instead

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is based on the assumption that if you can’t be better than the competition then being different will usually suffice.

Why Saying No Can Make Your Sales Rate Soar

Yes, it’s true. Saying “No” is a great way of getting people to want what you’ve got even more.

Five Surefire Ways To Drive Your Competition Crazy

Taking an aggressive stance to your competition is not the most productive way of running a business. However, there are times when some people just get a little too cocky and need knocking down a peg or two. If you want to put an annoying competitor in his or her place then these tips are for you.