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Is It Web Design, Or Web Development?

I’m working with a prospective client who needs specialized e-commerce assistance – more than I’m capable of doing in a timely manner. So I found an experienced PHP programmer who can provide this expertise.

‘Do-it-yourself’ Sites for Small Business Owners

I just got the new issue of BusinessWeek’s SmallBiz magazine and read “No Geeks Required.” This article is all about those inexpensive, pay-by-the-month build-it-yourself websites offered by the likes of Yahoo, MSN, Homestead and a few others.

While small business owners may feel they’re getting a good deal by developing their own sites using these services rather than paying a professional web designer, what happens after their site launches?

Web standards Not About Standardization

I just read one fricking fantastic post by Andy Rutledge on web quality.

Thickbox – For Image Display and Slideshows
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One of my clients asked me to create an ‘image of the week’ page for them using whatever method I thought looked and worked best. I remembered seeing the JavaScript/Ajax tool Lightbox JS in another blog recently and thought that looked pretty cool, and had the capability of showing a slideshow as well, so I got it and installed it on my client’s home page.

Get Rid of the Acrobat PDFMaker Toolbar in Office XP
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This is a post I made in an old blog over a year ago, but that blog no longer exists and I had to go hunting for this information again today.

Amazon’s aStores

I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for awhile but hadn’t actually been using it.

Building Somebody Else’s Vision

I had an interesting issue come up with a client recently.

Setting up Apache Server Mappings for HomeSite
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This information was gleaned from a number of websites and my own trials in getting this to work, but I thought it would be useful to have it in one place for other HomeSite users who may not be overly familiar with server configuration.