About David Ware

David Ware is a Virtual Assistant, successful freelance writer, husband & father. He can be contacted at dave@24hourassistant.com, or at http://www.24hourassistant.com
Query Letter Confession

The first query letter I ever sent out was accepted by the publisher, but I have a confession to make about it. I stole the query letter. Yes, you read right. I stole it, and it worked wonders for me.

Organize Your Writing Files

There was a time when I had stacks upon stacks of paper that contained article ideas, the beginnings of an article, research and more. They were looseleaf in most cases, printed in pen, pencil, marker and computer print.

The Trouble With Virtual Assistants

3 years ago, an idea sparked the Internet business community, and spread like wildfire. The idea was based on the premise that individuals, small businesses and corporations alike could take advantage of advances in technology by sourcing out much of their administrative tasks to “Virtual Assistants” (VA’s).

Managing Downtime

Managing downtime requires creativity, which shouldn’t be a big problem since all of us are pretty creative. To get your creative energy flowing, here are some tips for managing your downtime.

Work on new or existing projects of your own. I would bet a dollar there isn’t a freelancer alive who doesn’t have some sort of work in progress, such as a book, series of articles yet to find a publisher or other project. Use your downtime to dust one or two off, and get to work!

Networking for Freelancers

“It takes money to make money”, or so the saying goes. In the case of freelancing, this is not always the case. In addition to a solid marketing plan, freelancers should take into account the power of networking.

The fact is, a freelancer’s most effective means of gaining new business is word of mouth & referrals. The following tips will help you maximize your exposure, while increasing your chances of gaining new clients.