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The author of this article is David Notestine, the creator of the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot, rapidly being recognized as the best automated website marketing software on the Internet. His radical views are being embraced by webmasters throughout the web, as the truth about website marketing. Mr Notestine is also the creator the world's first collective search engine: www.zeuscollective.com.

Zeus, an easy-to-use, intelligent, Internet marketing robot that builds a search link directory and creates reciprocal links for your web site. A totally new concept in generating web traffic, this revolutionary software product has features and benefits that enable it to create traffic to your web site, in numbers beyond your wildest dreams. One good reciprocal link can give you the same traffic as a major search engine and, with a Zeus robot, you can have thousands of reciprocal links. Zeus generates both new and return visitors to your web site.

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Understanding Meta Keywords

Adding keywords using the META tag

Maximum – 800 characters.

The Truth About Search engines

The Myths

You can be on the search engines top 10 list.

The Basics of Asking for a Reciprocal Link

Asking for a Reciprocal Link is Standard Practice On the Internet

Asking another webmaster for a reciprocal link is standard practice on the Internet.

How to Market Your Website by Creating a Web Presence

Have you been worried about the dot-com crash and the future of your website?

Understanding The Flow of Internet Traffic, to Attain Website Traffic

To attain visitor traffic to your website you must understand how traffic flows throughout the internet. This understanding stems from the basic algorithm of the Internet and the goals of it’s original creators.

How To Do Link Popularity

Cyber-Robotics, in a typical month, gets over 2 million hits; however, we only average 3 to 5 visitors per day from the search engines. Do the math – that works out to anywhere from 84 to 155 visitors per month provided from the likes of Alta Vista, Lycos or Yahoo. Very small numbers when compared to 2,000,000 hits. The secret to our success lies in the sheer number of links that point in our direction. This is how truly qualified traffic comes in our direction, and this is the best means securing visitors to your site as well, as long as everyone is linking to only websites that match each other’s subjects or themes.