About David E. Coffman

David E. Coffman CPA/ABV, CVA has 30 years experience working with and operating small businesses. He has published his collective knowledge in a number of works. His Scorecard for Small Business provides an easy to use framework to analyze any small business in-depth. Information about the Scorecard is available at http://small-biz-scorecard.
How To Analyze The Performance Of Your Business

How is business? It is the superficial question many people ask business owners in lieu of the standard “how are you”.

How To Find The Right Professional To Value Your Business

At some point most business owners will need to find out how much their business is worth. They will be faced with the task of finding someone to perform a business appraisal or valuation.

How To Use Small Business Value As The Ultimate Performance Indicator

Business performance measurement and management promote the use of carefully selected key performance indicators to evaluate the performance of a company, its management and employees.

Why You Need a Business Planning System NOT a Business Plan

When someone mentions business planning we have been conditioned to think about writing a business plan.