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What Do You Look For When Tracking Your Visitors?

Many online entrepreneurs are increasingly realizing that tracking & analysing their traffic can make all the difference for their business. In simple terms, trying to market your business online without tracking your visitor is like trying to drive a car in total darkness.

Understanding the Nature of the Net Will Make You a Better Online Marketer

One of the biggest obstacles to successful online marketing is a failure to understand the new World Wide Web medium.

SEO Secret That Everybody Ignores
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Search engine optimization is a very critical task in the success of any website. In recent times search engines seem to have complicated this task further by their frequent changes in rules. This has caused lots of anxiety as some of these changes have seen some sites lose virtually all their regular traffic instantly as their rankings have tumbled.

The Search Engine Optimization Secret That Everybody Ignores

Search engine optimization is a very critical task in the success of any website.

Search Engine Toolbar Guide

Search engines, do you use them? Of course you do! Most if not all internet users use them at some stage or another, and why not, they are very easy to use, simply go to the address of the engine be it Google.com, Alltheweb.com or any other engine and enter keywords relating to what you want to find and viola!

Google Adwords Guide
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The year is 2000, Google is seen as the leader in the search engine industry by now. Many of Googles competitors are trying their hands at different advertising models as a way to generate revenue. Google currently seeing the most growth of them all saw the potential it had as an advertising medium and therefore was sure to follow suite sooner or later.

Google Ranking Tips

Google is by far the most popular search engine available today for both ordinary surfers and webmasters.

Surfers like it because of the highly relevant results it gives, and the speed it gives them at. This is due to its complex text matching algorithm and of course the PagerankT system that this engine uses. More on the PagerankT system later.

Writing for Publicity

Building your reputation online is one of the most important thing you can do to aid the success of your Internet business.

Search Engines/Yahoo Guide

Getting listed on Yahoo should be without doubt the most important mission on any Internet marketers mind.

Yahoo is the biggest of all the search engines, well actually that’s not true, you see Yahoo is not technically a search ENGINE it is a human compiled directory of websites and does not have a spider bot going to sites and indexing them. But for the sake of this article when I say search engines I am referring to all ‘search sites’.

Advertising in ezines

Advertising in Ezines has to be one of the best mediums for advertising your product, free ebook or website.

Choosing a host

So you spent a couple months developing a really great site with pages and pages of excellent content, all you have to do now is choose which company you want to host with.

Beware, choosing one is usually not an easy process, if the decision you make is not the right one, all your hard work and promotion money will be wasted.

This article will go through first what a host actually is and then go through the features and qualities most good hosts have.

Well then what is a host? A host is a hosting company that rents you space on their server for you to store your webpages and files on. There are thousands of them on the Internet and they all differ somewhat between pricing, features, customer service etc.