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David Berkowitz is Director of Strategic Planning for 360i and oversees the Search Informed Marketing firm's Emerging Media Practice. Every Tuesday, he pens the Search Insider column for MediaPost, with over 100 articles published to date. He often speaks at events covering marketing, media, and technology; his previous engagements include Ad:Tech, Consumer Electronics Show - Digital Hollywood, MediaPost's Search Insider Summit, and many others. He has also blogged extensively with MarketersStudio.com, MarketingVox, nowEurope, AdTechBlog, and others.
Blogs on Business Cards
A personal blogging milestone of sorts happened recently: my blog URL is now on my business card, the corporate-issued cardstock issued by my employer.

To Twitter or Not to Twitter?
Jeremiah Owyang posted yesterday on the value of Twitter. Here’s an excerpt:

Which Search Engines Can Track USPS Packages?

After a recent online order confirmation, I checked the major engines to see which can link directly to the shipment tracking page by entering in the US Postal Service tracking number into the search box.

The results: Google and Windows Live tracked it. Yahoo and Ask.com returned no results. Google-powered AOL and MySpace (when searching the web through it – and MySpace IS a search engine) also didn’t return anything.

Facebook App Development – DIY
I’m now a Facebook developer!

I take a strange bit of pride in something that required little more than a copy and paste job, but thanks to Widgetbox’s App Accelerator, I turned my blog into a bona fide Facebook application. I even have my very own API key.

LinkedIn Links to Recent Contacts, Redefines Recent

On Friday, I wondered what happened to a favorite LinkedIn feature for viewing recent users. I received two subsequent emails from customer service, only to find out I was wrong about the feature because of LinkedIn’s questionable grammar. The semantic web’s a long way off if we can’t master our native languages’ semantics first.

Here’s the first of the two responses:

Linkedin Calls Customer Delusional

It’s fun being called delusional by customer service. Today, LinkedIn is trying to make me feel like I’m in that Jodie Foster movie Flightplan where she claims her daughter was kidnapped while on an airplane and everyone else thinks she’s nuts. The movie wasn’t supposed to be very good (it scored 38% on the Tomatometer), and I’m not sure this blog post will be any better, but I can at least empathize with Foster’s character based on the previews.

Pitching Speakers for a Conference or Event
I’ve been helping program the search marketing sessions for MediaPost’s upcoming OMMA event in September, and the first stage of it is reviewing dozens of conference pitches. Overall, it’s a promising bunch of proposals, and my biggest regret is that there are only six sessions I’m responsible for; I could easily have picked ten great ones, and I’ll still try to pawn some of the rejected panels to other programming chairs if they can be adapted.

7 Rules for Widget Success
Live from WidgetCon

Speaker: Shervin Pishevar, President, Freewebs

The age of engagement has begun. Umm, hasn’t it begun a few years ago?

7 Rules for Widget Success (we must take notes – he has a number in it – you MUST write down every point with a number, which is why I always structure my presentations that way)

ABG – “Anyone But Google”
This is clearly the year of ABG – "Anyone But Google." It’s inevitable, but why are search engine pundits leading the charge?

Email Tips from 32,000 Feet
I’m writing this post flying back from Digital Hollywood in Santa Monica, and as TypePad lets you submit posts via email, we’ll see if this syncs up and goes live as soon as I’m back online.

It’s a fitting time to share a strategy I’m trying to get more organized while in-flight.

Multitasking with TV & Web Video
I’ve wondered quite a bit about the future of web video and how much of it anyone will be able to consume. I’ve been pretty skeptical about it, namely because it’s difficult to multitask when watching online video – you can’t really do much else, and multitasking is a huge part of the value proposition of both web browsing and also watching TV programming.

I just met with a company that I can’t say a word about, but one that’s already making me rethink how things are going to play out. There are a few issues that must be addressed by any game changer here:

Quick Recap of Web 2.0 Expo
First, thanks to all the attendees at the presentation yesterday, 12 Emerging Trends for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. To any who requested it, I’ll have a link to you soon where you can download it. If you haven’t yet done so, the easiest way is to write me at dberkowitz [at] 360i [dot] com. For a thorough recap, read Amy Cham’s post.

Web 2.0 Expo: Schmidt Keynote Highlights
Thanks to the great wifi here, this lengthy post was completely erased when I tried posting. Here we go again, this time with feeling.

John Battelle interviewed Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Web 2.0 Expo keynote Tuesday morning. Here are the highlights and my commentary:

Web 2.0 Expo: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Keynote
Bezos takes the stage. Intro remarks: all about Amazon Web Services, which is exhibiting here. The roster includes SQS, Mechanical Turk, S3, EC2.
Looking for Answers from Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers has some explaining to do.

A Link’s Hidden Value

Is PayPerPost evil?

Media Consumption Diet

Jeremiah Owyang started a meme. I’m now doing my part to spread it. How Dawkinsian. Based on Jeremiah’s original post, here’s my own media consumption diet, ranked from those I consume most to the occasional midnight snack:

Obama Takes on MySpace

Via LostRemote, Barack Obama launched a social network campaign site. From the blog: