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Tremendous Hype Against Google Latitude

Trojan Horse (2)Trojan Horse: GoGap via Flickr

Social Networking Happy Birthday Stats

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Startup Companies At Blog World Expo


Google Trends Launches With Some Problems

ith the new feature, you can supposedly compare unique visitor estimates over time for various sites, making Google trends compete with Quantcast and Compete. Despite various screenshots posted, I can’t see the unique traffic numbers for any site I try.

A bigger surprise is that you can’t see any traffic estimates – even estimates! – for Google.com.

Click the image to enlarge further.

Time’s 50 Best Websites

Today Time.com is launching its 50 Best Websites for 2008 list. There are some personal favorites represented like Kiva, Mint, and Geni (I like four-letter sites), some I think are premature like Search Me, one or two I think would have been more fitting for 2007 or earlier like Yahoo Answers, and a bunch I haven’t heard of and will have to check out soon.

Here’s a new twist for this year:

SMS Based Charity Systems

There are tons of uses for SMS (text messaging); Clickatell recently published a guide to 101 business uses for SMS. I’m still making my way through it, but it’s a great read.

Read/Write Web last week posted a great guide to how SMS is being used for giving.

Aftermath Of A Craigslist Scam

The two posts on this blog with the most staying power, drawing comments week in and week out, come from an experience with Craigslist.

Adobe’s Media Player, Not Like The Rest

The Adobe Media Player debuted this week, and after learning a little more at the launch party and trying it out myself, I’ll share a few thoughts on it. You can also find a screencast I created with the visuals (no voiceover); next time I’ll resize it and embed it, but it’s my first screencast, so I appreciate your patience.

Who You Should Follow On Twitter

One of the great democratizing forces on Twitter is getting a concise look at the stats someone’s followers and who he or she is following. When you’re not sure who a person is immediately, there are some heuristics you can use to figure out if they’re worth following.

Tax Prep and Social Media

The post starts with a question for two reasons:

1) There’s a disclaimer: my agency, 360i, has been working on the emerging media strategy for the campaign described below in conjunction with other agencies and of course everyone at H&R Block.

Facebook Ignoring Consumer Perspective
MediaPost reports:

In an interview set to air Sunday night, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg told “60 Minutes” that Facebook’s controversial Beacon program “is going to be a really good thing.”

Looking Back on CES

I ‘m now back from CES. Here’s a quick roundup of highlights that you probably won’t find elsewhere:

Best Schwag

Consumers Still See Facebook as Great for Privacy
With all the buzz about Facebook’s ongoing privacy gaffes (I’ve been one of many voices calling attention to them), TechCrunch UK covers another perspective that’s more accurate in terms of how consumers perceive it:

Experts Discuss Facebook Advertising

A firestorm of explosive debate erupted on this blog recently as a record number of comments were posted to a discussion on new abuses from Facebook relating to its Social Ads and Beacon advertising offerings.

Facebook Ads Should Have an Opt-Out

Lately I’ve been seeing far more ads on Facebook supported by implicit endorsements from friends. I’ve also had other friends share screenshots of ads and applications that I endorse.

Search Insider Summit – Jordan Rohan
Jordan Rohan, the perennial keynote at MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit in Park City, Utah, is back with a slew of insights, this time with a year-end review, an outlook for 2008, and some awards.

Note: These comments are Rohan’s, not my analysis. Reporting now, insights later.

Key developments for 2007:

News Corp-LinkedIn Acquisition Rumors Myth?
So perhaps the News Corp-LinkedIn acquisition rumors are a myth anyway: Link: TechCrunch UK ? Blog Archive ? Who needs LinkedIn when you have MySpace?.
Watch Out for Craigslist Scams!
Consider this post a public service. Two people who I know well were getting close to caught up in a real estate scam on Craigslist, and in the extended entries I’m including the correspondence.

SEMPO Wants You to Get Involved

SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, wants people involved with SEM to take its 4th annual State of the Market survey.

A Fun Day for Retail Research

Today’s a fun one for retail research.

First, I received an update from Compete’s blog deconstructing the myth of Cyber Monday:

Comparing SEM and SMM
Colleague Kelly McCoy Williams sent me a great story in the Chicago Tribune about "conversation analysts," which features friend and blogger Jeremiah Owyang.

Dark Spot for BrightSpot

BrightSpot.TV, a site covered here before, has shut down. I wrote back in August, "…You’d think the one thing we need a break from is advertising. Yet sheep that we are, we can’t get enough of it." I guess we can get enough of it after all.

When is Facebook Marketing Spam?

Following Friday’s post, I returned to ask Tanya Cottrell about when it’s appropriate to market to Facebook members by posting on members’ walls. Here’s what she had to say:

Facebook Marketing: A Marketer & Member Speaks

In response to my column last week about Facebook, I received an email from Tanya Cottrell, a student at San Diego State University, and her experience struck me as a great example of a ‘small business’ approach to Facebook. With her permission, I’ve excerpted some of her thoughts below. I welcome your stories on how you’re using the network.