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Dave Davies is the CEO of Beanstalk Search Engine Optimization, Inc. Beanstalk's SEO services include full-services SEO packages, consulting, training, copywriting and link building. Dave has been involved in SEO since 2001, co-authored SitePoint's SEM Kit, has spoken at SES and SMX events and hosts a weekly radio show on WebmasterRadio.fm.
Now THAT is Personalization

For anyone who’s read my blog posts for a while or who saw me speak in San Jose earlier this year you’ll know that I’m particularly interested in personalization and specifically, Google’s patents on the subject.

It’s because of this that the launch of 23andme yesterday was particularly interesting though I have to say, I haven’t seen anything in any of the patents on how this ties together.

Is SEO a Job or an Addiction?
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I was chatting with one of my clients today and he was noting how their site has been holding steady for a while in the top five and how he’s now nervous about updates.

The Dark Art Of SEO

The title of this article is designed to illustrate the point of this article.  Today we won’t be taking a look at black-hat search engine optimization tactics.  Admittedly, I’ve toyed with them in a “know your enemy” kind of way but I’m no expert on advanced cloaking techniques nor effective link sp@mming tactics.  What we’re going to cover here are the hidden (i.e. dark) areas of effective optimization strategy.

A Mozilla Divorce

The Mozilla Corporation CEO has announced on her BLOG that Mozilla Thunderbird will be split into a "new, separate organizational setting". The details of which have not been decided on yet, although she has outlined three different options. One thing is a fact strategically this bodes well for both Firefox and Thunderbird projects.

I’m Not Saying to Spam Anything

Well, today on Webmaster Radio I presented the finding from the first rel="nofollow" test. A few minutes later in the chat room I was presented with a link to another blog. The post read as follows:

Results for Nofollow Test

The first rel="nofollow" test is complete and the results are as expected. To avoid the results getting tainted we were unable to provide the specifics as to how the test was being run. Well, that’s not the case anymore.

Personalization And The Death Of SEO

… as we know it. On February 2, 2007 Google launched its big push into personalized search results. This was, to many, a dark day as SEO’s scrambled to determine exactly what this meant for the industry and for our clients. Different results showing up for different people? What are ranking reports if what you see differs from what I see? Who’s right? And of course, how do I prove it?

Davies on SES NY 2007 – Day 2

Well it appears that I’m just not going to be going to any sessions, and that’s a good thing. :) Today has been spent networking and interviewing some excellent guests. Let’s cover the interviews first:

Rand Fishkin From SEOMoz.com:

What To Look For In An SEO

It’s been about two years now that I have wanted to write this article. Why haven’t I until now?

Yahoo Click Throughs On The Rise

Good news came to Yahoo! and it’s advertisers today in the form of a ComScore report. For those of you who read this blog regularly or, to be more accurate, any SEO blog regularly, you’ll recall that back on February 5th Yahoo! launched it’s new advertising system Panama. As one could expect, the changes have been monitored closely by Yahoo!

ComScore today released their finding on the changes in click through rates on Yahoo! ads. And they are:

Click Fraud, Google, Botnets, And More

For any of our blog readers who also listen to our weekly segment on Webmaster Radio to keep informed on the latest goings-on in the search engine world you’ll know that Jim Hedger has been promising a big story for the past couple weeks. Well it’s finally out there and as promised, he doesn’t disappoint.

Great SEO Video Series

I’ve just discovered a great video series by Gareth Davies (gotta love that last name and no, there’s no relation 😉

The Blogosphere

For those of us that reside primarily in geekdom, the state of any major technology, especially of the online variety, is big news.

SEO For The Big 3: Tying It Together

This article is part four of a four part series on optimizing your website for the three major search engines.

SEO For Google

This article is part three of a four part series on optimizing your website for the the three major search engines.


This is article one of a four part series on optimizing your website for the “Big Three”. Part two will focus on Yahoo!, Part three will focus on Google and part four of this series will explain how to perform SEO on your website to attain high rankings across all three major engines.

SEO For The Big Three

Ranking your website highly on one of the “big three” search engines (Google, Yahoo or MSN) is a daunting task let alone ranking your website highly on all three.

SEO For The New Google

For those who’s businesses rely on the Internet to produce revenue the latest Google update, nicknamed Jagger, was one of the biggest events in the past couple years (probably since the Florida Update of 2003).

W3C Compliance & SEO

From reading the title many of you are probably wondering what W3C compliance has to do with SEO and many more are probably wondering what W3C compliance is at all.

SEO & Competition Analysis Part One

Analyzing your competition should be the second step taken during the SEO process (right after and sometimes even during keyword selection). Looking at what and how your competition have positioned their website where you want yours to be placed will lend great insight into how to get yours there.

SEO & Competition Analysis Part Two
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Once you have optimized the onsite factors from part one of this series it’s time to launch into the external factors. External SEO factors generally refer to the internal links to your, and your competitor’s, website.

Ecommerce & SEO
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The purpose of any business website is to promote a product or service online. The purpose of an ecommerce website is to take it one step further and to allow your visitors to purchase your products or services directly from your website.

Anatomy Of An Internet Search Engine

For some unfortunate souls SEO is simply the learning of tricks and techniques that, according to their understanding, should propel their site into the top rankings on the major search engines.

Non-Reciprocal Link Building For Higher Search Engine Positioning

It’s no SEO secret that inbound links to your site are an important part of any complete search engine positioning strategy.