About Dave Collado

Dave Collado is a senior design consultant at www.Foamers.net and freelance web designer since 1999. Foamers.net offers quality website templates template customization, flash templates, phpnuke themes, phpbb themes,osCommerce templates,SWiSH templates, web design tutorials, and many other website design and web hosting services.
CSS in Flash: the Return of Crisp and Legible Fonts

A typical challenge faced by Flash developers like me is getting fonts to look like you want them to.

PHP Server to Client with No Refresh.

Although most of our companies work is template based design, the end result is always unique and adapts to each client’s individual needs.

Website Template Usage, Beyond What You Already Know

When it comes to search engine ranking “cute won’t cut it”. While search engines can generate a mind staggering volume of traffic what they feed off specifically is content.