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Jumbled Wires

I dare you… look behind your computer. My guess is that it’s a big, ugly, horrendous-looking jumble of wires. Looks complicated, doesn’t it? How could that possibly make sense to anyone? How would you ever figure it out if you had to?

When Bad News is Good News

I’m working on a new web site for cancer patients and their partners that will include a free service requiring a certain amount of special programming. I intend to hire someone to do it for me.


Newsletters are a great way to establish a new, more personal relationship with your customers. You can keep them up to date on your products and services, give them a little insight into the lives of your employees, and much more. For example, you can “spotlight” one individual in each issue, talking about their interests, families, etc. I think it’s a nice touch to let your customers know more about the people that they deal with; it has a nice “touchy-feely” quality to it and makes the business experience a little more personal.

Quick-Draw Your Business Card

I just returned from a three-day conference for business professionals. There were about 500 in attendance and, as I’m sure you would expect, there was an awful lot of networking going on. In fact, the networking opportunities were one of the stated benefits of this particular event, because in this particular group of people almost everyone was in a position to help everyone else in one way or another.

How to Attend a Seminar

I have made no secret of the fact that I am a big proponent of education as a way of sharpening your business skills and keeping up on the latest trends and practices in your industry. There are many ways of getting that information, each of which has distinct advantages and disadvantages. One of the best, however, is to attend a seminar or conference.

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons

Coupons can be a great way to promote, increase, and improve your business. They can be used to entice new customers, move hard-to-sell merchandise, “time-shift” your customers by getting them to come in during traditionally slow times, or as a stand-alone product when sold as gift certificates.

That’s Cold

If you hate cold-calling, you are not alone. In my dealings with other business owners in general, I have yet to find anyone who likes doing it.

What is “cold-calling”? That’s when you call someone who fits your market profile in order to introduce your products and services; someone who has never heard of you and who has not previously expressed any interest. It is sometimes called (I hate to use the term) “telemarketing”, but that word has some pretty bad connotations thanks to unscrupulous business practices of some companies in that business. Personally, I think that it’s much different when you call on your own behalf than when you hire a company to do it for you.

The Perfect Gift for Your Customers

It’s almost time for the holidays again and we all want to do something for our customers, right? We want to let them know how much we appreciate them and their business, and we want to wish them and their families a wonderful holiday season. Mostly, though, we’d like to score some big points so they will continue to be our customers! (Maybe we’re just afraid we’ll look stupid if we don’t do anything at all…)