About Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the founder of ProBlogger.net, a blog about the many ways of adding an income stream to blogs.

Darren owns and writes a variety of blogs including Digital Photography Blog and Camera Phone Zone. He is also a co-founder of the Breaking News Blog Collective.

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Adsense Smart Pricing Explained

A few days ago I attempted to explain Adsense Ad Click Value Variations (or why sometimes clicks are worth a lot and other times they are not).

One Blog Many Cateogories or Many Blogs?

William (a reader of ProBlogger) asks: I have so many diverse hobbies and interests that I want to start a blog about, plus I’d also like to make some $ through AdSense & the likes.

Avoiding Blog Burnout

Duncan has posted on the topic of How to avoid blog burnout in one easy lesson where he suggest taking a break is a good way to sustain your blogging over a longer period of time.

Official Google Adsense Consultants

What do you think about the idea of Google licensing people to act as Adsense consultants? …

Adsense Ad Click Variations Explained

A ProBlogger reader, Charles, asks the following question: Do you know anything about what drives the sometimes wild variation in day to day click values.