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Darren Rowse is the founder of ProBlogger.net, a blog about the many ways of adding an income stream to blogs.

Darren owns and writes a variety of blogs including Digital Photography Blog and Camera Phone Zone. He is also a co-founder of the Breaking News Blog Collective.

Whats Wrong with Blogging

I once heard of a debate between a Christian group and a Pagan group – it could have been a pretty un-constructive rant like event where one group tells the other group what’s wrong with it and visa versa – everyone would have gone home with the same opinions that they came with – however this debate was different.

Critiquing the Critiquing of Weblogs Inc Blogs

Jacob has an interesting critique on Weblogs Inc – taking a close look at the topic and posting frequency of some of their blogs.

New Blogs On The Block

Let me introduce you to some new blogs – 5 of which have been added to the 9 Rules Network in the past 24 hours and 1 that is being developed by a good friend of mine – in fact the person who designed this blog.

My Backpack

I’ve decided to test Backpack with their free service. My hope is that it will help me to be a little more organized in my blogging.

Backpack From 37 Signals

37 Signals is launching their latest project – Backpack – on Tuesday. Whilst the main site doesn’t seem to have gone live yet a number of previews of this new program have been written which you should check out.

Content Blogs Versus Syndicate Blogs?

Scrivs takes a look at whether its best to write an original content blog or a syndicated (linking to others articles) blog. It is a good question that is well worth thinking through for each of your blogs.

Blogging as Farming – How to Grow a Bumper Blogging Crop

On the weekend I was speaking with a friend, Alex, who is a Farmer about blogging and the more we talked the more we realized that there is a lot of similarities between what we do. I thought I’d rehash some of the main points from our conversation here:

The Power of the Passive Link

Eric Ward at Search Engine Guide writes about the power of the passive inbound link. In short – a passive link is a link you don’t buy, ask for or trade links for.

Blog Networks and Blog Ownership

I’ve been following on with interest and fascination at John Battelle’s emerging FMPublishing project. John is attempting to build a publishing company …

Mac OS X Tiger: A Blogging Perspective

Last night I was in town and treated myself to the new OSX – Tiger. This afternoon I’ve installed it and have been playing around with it – asking myself how it will improve my blogging.

Pajamas Media – New Blog Advertising Network
· 1

Roger L. Simon has just posted anOpen Letter to All Bloggers announcing that he and a couple of others …

Why Adsense is Not Suitable for All Blog Topics

One of the most striking things that hit me in my analysis of the 30 most visited blogs at Truth Laid Bear was the small number of blogs using the Adsense program.

How Frequently Should You Post?

There is a great podcast over at View from the Isle – The Inaugral Business Blog Roundtable – on the topic of how frequently should you post’ on your blog.

How the Most Highly Visited Blogs Earn Money
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Yesterday I spent the afternoon wading through some of the most highly visited blogs going around at …

Adsense Ads – Which Position Works Best?

Google have added a heatmap to their Optimization Tips page to give publishers a few clues as to what positions on your site might be best …

More of Googles Adsense Changes

Google are now communicating to Adsense publishers about the new changes to their contextual ad system that I’ve been writing about for the past 24 hours.

Google to Let Advertisers Target Sites

Google is beta testing a new feature for AdWords that will allow advertisers to choose which sites their ads will appear on – Site-Targeted Ads.

Googles Record Earnings and the Blogger

With the recent reports of Google’s massive surge in profits ($369million) for the first quarter of 2005 I can’t help but wonder how much of it is due to bloggers like us.

Google is Updating Page Rank – Future Page Rank Tool

The word on the street from those who watch such things is that Google is currently doing a Page Rank update.

Does Professional Blogging = Non Interactive Blogging?

I’m always fascinated by the approach that different bloggers take when it comes to interacting with their readers and other blogs.

Blog Networks and How they Split the Cash

Fascinating article over at oir.org on how editorial lines are blurring as bloggers’ salaries are tied to traffic.

How Click Fraud Impacts Honest Publishers
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Click Fraud is a growing problem for Adsense and other Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising programs. The challenge that Google has with Adsense and click fraud is that they’re at risk of it happening from a number of angles.

New Firefox Adsense Notifier

If you are a Firefox user and run Adsense ads on your site you’ll probably want to try out the new …

Pope Domain Speculation

In a great example of thinking ahead – Rogers Cadenhead registered the domain name BenedictXVI.com a couple of weeks ago.