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Darren Rowse is the founder of ProBlogger.net, a blog about the many ways of adding an income stream to blogs.

Darren owns and writes a variety of blogs including Digital Photography Blog and Camera Phone Zone. He is also a co-founder of the Breaking News Blog Collective.

Improve Your Typing Skills

Being a professional blogger means in most of the cases: publish content, targeted at your audience, structured, and well written.
But the other part is: It has to be typed. And the more you want to publish, the more you have to type, and edit, and retype

Interview with Make Easy Money with Google Author

Rick has an Interview with Eric Giguere the author of Make Easy Money with Google. Here’s just one of the questions and answers:
4) How much money can one expect to make doing this? and how much time do I have to put into it

Marketers are turning to blogs for online ad spending

Research out of Forrester is showing a growing interest to place advertisements on blogs and/or in RSS feeds. This should be no surprise, given the mainstream business coverage of blogs that has issued recently.

Blog Conferences

The 2nd Blog Business Summit has been announced – it’s just a few months away in August this year. I followed the last one closely online and would have loved to get to it partly for a number of the sessions which I really enjoyed but mainly because so many bloggers that I enjoy readers were there.

Choosing the Perfect Blog (and Domain) Name
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People often ask me what I’d do differently if I was starting my blogging from scratch – one of the big things would be around choosing better names and domain names for a few of my blogs.


The time has come friends where I check out of ProBlogging and slip into some serious HolidayBlogging (or HolidayNonBlogging as the case will be).

The Importance of Blog Taglines

Steven is doing another interesting experiment over at Vaspers the Grate and is looking at Blog Taglines. He’s put 59 blogs with their titles and taglines side by side and is asking for comment on them. He writes:

Affiliate Program Tips for Bloggers

Shai gives some good tips on hope to Make The Most Out of Affiliate Programs:
1) Provide good reasons for readers and visitors to keep coming back to your site where you have your affiliate links.

Seeking One Good Digital Photography Blogger

I’ve decided to open one more position up for Guest Blogging on Digital Photography Blog.
There are already two bloggers who will be working on it – but I’d like one more blogger to help lighten the load on them.

The More you Give Away, the More you Sell

B.L. Ochman has a good piece on Seth Godin which is worth a read with a few interesting observations about the way Seth goes about his business…

Weblog Empire launches The Gadget Blog

Weblog Empire is the latest blog network on the block and today it’s officially going live with it’s first new blog – the Gadget Blog – a blog about – you guessed it – gadgets.

When Blogs Grow Too Quickly

There is a great post over at The Return of Design that shows the danger in your site becoming too big to quickly in the eyes of Search Engines.

Building Blogging Relationships – Email

Taughnee left a simple but very helpful tip on my last post in the building blogging relationships series that I thought was worth promoting up as a main post as it’s something that I too do.

Protecting RSS Feeds from Theft
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Paul has come up with a cool way to put off those wanting to rip off your content by republishing your full RSS feed –

Blog Layout Continued – The Perfect Number of Columns?

Peter Flaschner has a great post on The Perfect Number of Columns which I think bounces off my post on Blog Layout (I say I think’ because he doesn’t link to it –

Corporate Bloggers earn $40k – $70k

There is an article in the WSJ today on how Blogging is becoming a Corporate Job for an increasing number of people:

Google Page Rank Gone Temporarily?

Discussion forums around the web today are buzzing with talk of major problems (or are they just changes) at Google.

Arguments For Getting Rid of Blog Comments

James has a good post with some Arguments for getting rid of comments (he’s going to do another balancing one tomorrow on why comments are essential features for blogs).

It’s Baaack …. Google Page Rank Reappears

SEO addicts are breathing a sigh of relief today after the Disappearance of Google Page Rank seemingly being rectified in the last few hours.

Adsense Choose Your Own Ad Feature Being Tested Further

It looks like Google are testing on a wider level the features I noticed back in October on one of their test bed sites.

Blog Statistics Packages
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A number of bloggers have recently asked me to write something about statistics packages – particularly to talk about the stats systems that I use and what features in them that I analyse.

Blogebrity – Creating Blogging Buzz in 3 Easy Lists

I’ve been watchign the Blogebrity Blog with interest this week – it’s been quite an amusing read and a great example of how a blog can get some big inbound links and a lot of buzz from the blogosphere with a little controversy, humor and by listing some big blogs as A-List Blogs…

The Six Figure Blog Challenge

Gary has started another challenge blog’ where he’s recording his journey to a Six Figure Income in 12 months (he’s inviting others to join him).

Should New Blogs Have Ads?

Jacob asks Should New Blogs Have Ads? He has decided not to put ads on his new blogs for two main reasons…