About Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the founder of ProBlogger.net, a blog about the many ways of adding an income stream to blogs.

Darren owns and writes a variety of blogs including Digital Photography Blog and Camera Phone Zone. He is also a co-founder of the Breaking News Blog Collective.

Quality vs Quantity of Posting?

I was chatting to a soon-to-be-blogger this morning about ProBlogging and he asked me how long he’d have to blog before he could earn a reasonable amount from it.

Stepping towards $1,000,000

Jon over at Smart Money Daily has a plan – it’s a plan to make $1,000,000 gross income in a year from his online projects.

Becoming a Multi-Dimensional Blogger

Robert’s latest Corporate Blog Tip (#10) is simple but well worth taking note of (quote forthcoming)… He goes on to suggest a few ways to add another dimension to your blogging including podcasting, video blogs, hosting dinners, attending industry events etc.

Blog Feedback Settings in Movable Type 3.2

I’ve recently been considering moving my last remaining Movable Type blogs over to WordPress 1.5 – however I think I might hold off a little and see what MT 3.2 turns out like.

Syndicating Your Blog in Offline Media

A journalist yesterday asked me if anyone had ever asked to syndicate any of my blogs in any other form of media (newspapers or magazines). I answered that I’ve had a few requests from online media outlets to syndicate some of what I write (which I have allowed in some cases and disallowed in others).

What Caught My Eye in RSS

As I slowly make my way through the 10,000+ unread RSS feeds that have accumulated in my Bloglines account over the past month a number os posts have caught my attention which I thought I’d highlight here. Some of them have been mentioned by my guest bloggers but there’s no harm in doubling up…

Interview with Ashley Norris – Shiny Media

As I mentioned in my I’m home’ post – I was fortunately to catch up with two talented ProBloggers whilst I was in London – Ashley Norris and Katie Lee from Shiny Media.

How Many Blogs to Focus Upon?

Paul wrote a week or so ago about his decision to scale back his blogs to those which are most profitable in a post titled “One site or one hundred sites?”…

Posting Frequency Observations

One of the things that going away and not checking your RSS feeds for a month can do for you is help identify who is blogging how much. I generally clear my bloglines account every day. As a result I don’t notice from day to day which of my 350 or so feeds are updating frequently.

What Makes a Good Guest Blogger?

If ProBlogger was a real estate property, it can probably be likened to a snazzy professional suite in a condo. Top floor – latest furnishings and decor – hip, business-like, but with a comfy feel to it – and a nice view of the world around it.

Other Than Search Engines – Where Do You Get New Blog Traffic?
· 1

Yesterday was another typical Monday – back to work, back into the routine, another Carnival of the Capitalists.

What in the World of AdSense

After a couple of non-eventful AdSense weeks earlier this month, the past week or so has seen plenty of new AdSense changes, many coinciding with the WebmasterWorld of Search Conference.

ProBlogger – Reflections on Guest Blogging

I thought I’d give a quick update – we’ve finished our tour of Turkey (amazing) and are back in London for a couple of days. I’m slowly leaving holiday mode as I have a couple of meetings lined up over the next day or two.

Are you letting Feedburner hold you hostage?

I don’t have a problem with Feedburner (I use their service myself and I think it’s great), so please don’t think that I’m picking on them.

Blog Tip: Shake it Up

The following blog tip has been submitted by Jon Gales – the editor of the wonderful MobileTracker blog. Learn more about Jon from this interview we did with him earlier in the year.

TypePad Pro Turning In To Real Pros

It just came to my attention that bloggers with TypePad Pro accounts can now earn money from their blogs via an integrated service from Kanoodle, a contextual advertising company.

Making the most of ecto

At first sight, ecto seems to be a simple desktop client that allows you to author content for your blog. There are a couple of advantages desktop blog tools offer over control panels…

WordPress vs Movable Type

Its a matter of history that I was a member of the Movable Type diaspora when the house that Mena built decided for better or worse to alienate a large number of their loyal user base with MT 3.

WOMMA Measuring Word of Mouth Conference

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association is holding a conference July 13 called “Measuring Word of Mouth.”

List of Blog Networks

I’ve just finalised a revised list of blog networks and posted it here at The Blog Herald for those interested, but I thought I might share a few more thoughts on the subject.


One thing all bloggers and webmasters want is return visitors. Many of us watch the stats and monitor this critical measurement of web successif you come back time and time again, you must like me.

Canadian Professional Blogging Podcast No 2: Developing your Blogging Voice

Arieanna and I finished our next episode of our Canadian Professional Blogging Podcast on Monday. This is part 1 of a two part episode on developing your blogging voice.

Pretty pictures :a question of blog aesthetics.

Is a blog that uses pictures in its posts more likely to succeed that a blog that posts identical content but doesn’t use the pictures? Sure, we know that there are many other considerations in the success or otherwise of a blog, but take a pure economists view of a perfect market where both blogs are identical in every other way.

Blogs Are an Incomplete Customer Communications Tool – How Would You Make Them Better?

Blogs are interesting tools of business and business communications. There are a lot of useful things you can do with a blog. Interestingly, they’re lacking in the one benefit most touted – customer communication.