About Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is the founder of ProBlogger.net, a blog about the many ways of adding an income stream to blogs.

Darren owns and writes a variety of blogs including Digital Photography Blog and Camera Phone Zone. He is also a co-founder of the Breaking News Blog Collective.

The Best Blog Content

ust stumbled upon an article at awesomeblogs.com which looks at Why Blogs Have Become the Search Engine Optimization Equalizer.

Alaska Blog

Taughnee Stone writes that she’s starting a new Pro Blog – the Alaska Blog and writes an interesting post about the first four days blogging and the response that she’s had so far.

How To Be A Blogging Idol Instead Of An Idle Blogger

Todd Mintz writes a very worthwhile article at How To Be A Blogging Idol Instead Of An Idle Blogger which I think is a must read for bloggers wanting to start out in ProBlogging.

Chinese Blog to List on NASDAQ

China Economic Net has an article on a Chinese Blogge, Fang Xingdong, who is looking at listing his blogging business on the NASDAQ.

Yahoo! Publisher Network Coming Soon?

There’s an interesting post over at SEO RoundTable that speculates that the Yahoo! Publisher Network could be Coming Soon …

Subscription Base Revenue Stream for Blogs – PixelPass

I just stumbled upon PixelPass – a method of adding an income stream to your blog where your readers pay a small monthly fee to subscribe to your content.

Google Page Rank Explained?

Many of our readers are reporting in comments significant changes in their blog’s Google Page Rankings in this latest update.

Responding to Blogging Criticism

Thanks to Robert for linking up to ProBlogger.net while I slept last night. It’s always nice to get a positive link from a larger blogger who sends an influx of new readers into your blog.

Google AdSense Changes

Reports Pages Redesign – Google Publishers will notice major changes to their reports pages when logging on today.

FeedBurner launches BuzzBoost

Feedburner have announced a few service that enables bloggers to cross promote their blogs (if they have more than one) using their new BuzzBoost system.

How to Get Indexed by Google

I’ve had a few readers write to let me know that they’re having trouble getting indexed by Google and asking for advice.

A Question about Selling Documents from Your Blog

I have a question for readers who have experience with e-commerce. What is the simplest way to set up the ability to sell a document/file from a blog?…

Should Bloggers Forget Adsense?
· 2

Jim at Reve News has learned the lesson that most bloggers writing about making money from blogs has learned – Adsense doesn’t pay well on these types of blogs.

Earning Milestones

Today was a mini milestone day for me in my blogging. I went to the PO Box this morning to grab my mail and found my monthly cheque from Google’s Adsense had arrived for earnings in the month of May.

High Search Engine Ranking – A Blessing and a Curse

One of the beauties of having a highly ranked site that is regularly visited by search engine bots is that you can very quickly rise to the top of search engines on a breaking news story. This can be a wonderful thing – but it can also be something of a curse. Let me illustrate.

MSN Search Update in Progress?

I’ve noticed quite a few people in Search Engine forums over the past day commenting on changes that they are experiencing in MSN Search results for their sites. It looks like they have an update of some sort in progress.

Premium Publishers Have Negotiation Power

Jensense has a good post about the benefits of being a premium publisher in Google’s Adsense program (premium publishers must have at least 20 million monthly impressions).

Google AdSense Optimization Webinar Transcript

Adsense publishers might be interested in reading this transcript of Google’s recent AdSense Optimization Webinar which was held a week or so ago by Google for their publishers.

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Contextual Advertising

There is a good look at the Pros and Cons of Contextual Advertising over at Online Journalism Review today. Here’s a couple of snippets.

When Blogging Means More than Money

I emailed Cary Miller this morning to ask how hi Cancer NewsWatch blog is going (you might remember I mentioned it a while ago – Cary’s wife Lori is battling cancer and he started the blog (I think after a conversation we had) to do something positive in the midst of a pretty terrible situation.

How Much Is An AdSense Website Worth?

There is an interesting thread going on over at Webmaster World titled How much is an AdSense website worth? The discussion revolves around selling websites and determining what price is fair.

Bots, Aggregation and Content Creation

There is a helpful post of Richard MacManus over at Read/Write Web that takes a balanced look at the topic of Bots and Content Creation / Aggregation.

Poor July Adsense Earnings

I’m interested to see today that there are a number of threads at Webmaster World’s forums that seem to be reporting poor earnings by Adsense publishers over the past few days.

Blogging For Dollars – Personal Finance Blogs

Business Week features a collection of blogs this week that are blogging on the topic of personal finance at Blogging For Dollars.