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Darren Rowse is the founder of ProBlogger.net, a blog about the many ways of adding an income stream to blogs.

Darren owns and writes a variety of blogs including Digital Photography Blog and Camera Phone Zone. He is also a co-founder of the Breaking News Blog Collective.

Yahoo Publisher Network Adds Ad Category Targeting

Jen has news of a new feature on the Yahoo Publishers Network – ad category targeting – which allows publishers to assign categories of ads to their website.

Google Adsense Change Log
· 1

A few weeks ago I was chatting to a Google Adsense consultant who was asking me for my opinion on how to improve Adsense.

Understanding Google Updates

Matt Cutts (from Google) has an enlightening post on his blog titled – What’s an update? which quite simply lays out information on the topic of their updating system.

Google Backlink (and Page Rank) Update in Progress
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I had a hunch that Google would do an update this weekend and this morning I have logged on to find that an backlink update is under way.

Comparing AdSense and Yahoos Publisher Network

Jen has a very interesting post comparing Adsense and Yahoo’s Publisher Network ads on her Women’s Finance blog.

Yahoo Publishing Network Agreement Excludes Non US Readers from Viewing Ads

A reader just emailed me to let me know that he’d been accepted into Yahoo’s Publishing Network as a beta tester but that he’d noticed a rather odd clause in the agreement that he had to enter into.

The Power of the Link

On of the aspects of blogging that I love is the way in which a link can change a persons life in so many ways (some of them big, others small).

The Secret to Interactive Blogging

Rob Hof over at Business Week has stumbled upon one of the secrets of growing interactivity on a blog – it’s about not knowing all the answers.

10 Tips for Using Affiliate Programs on your Blog

We’ve now looked at a number of popular affiliate programs for bloggers and today I’d like to finish off this series by giving a few tips that should help bloggers get the best results out of any affiliate program that they choose to run with.

Blogging Strategy – Be a Maven

Paul Chaney has a good post on Mavens’ – a term used in Malcolm Gladwell’s book …

Yahoo to Offer Publishers Content and Ads

There is a good, 5 question interview over at Search Views with David Zito of Yahoo’s Publisher Network where he talks a little about YPN’s beta test.

Behaviors of the Blogosphere – Controversy Continues

Nick Denton has responded to criticism of the critique by Jason Calacanis of the Behaviors of the Blogosphere Study in an article at CickZ where he’s quoted as saying…

Has Yahoo Publishing Network led to Higher Adsense Click Values?

Jason has a theory that click values in Adsense have increased since the introduction of the Yahoo Publishing Network and writes …

Technorati Sale?

B.L. Ochman thinks she has the inside word on the impending sale of Technorati to a large search engine – interesting times we live in.

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogs

Search Engine Optimization is something that makes many blogger’s heads spin – I know this because every time I write an SEO article I get comments from bloggers telling me that its too big a topic and that they’d rather just write quality content’.

MSN Filter – Reactions

There has been a bit of a buzz around the blogging community in the past few days with the release of Microsofts blog publishing network …

Buying Text Link Ads

Stephan Spencer has posted a good piece on buying text links to help promote your blog and to build it’s ranking in Search Engines …

Inside the Yahoo! Publisher Network Beta with JenSense

I thought Jen at Jensense was very quiet about Yahoo’s Publishing Network Launch and suspected she must have had the inside word and now it’s clear she did as she’s announced she’s part of YPN’s beta test.

The Age Old Debate – Excerpts of Full Posts in RSS Feeds

Marketing Sherpa has a good post with 7 tips on podcasthing, RSS and blogging that might be of interest to readers.

Yahoo to launch blog ad network Wednesday

It looks like Wednesday is the day that Yahoo will launch its Publishing Network if this article at CNET is right.

On Blog Depression

The Nonist has a public service pamphlet on blog depression that I suspect a few visitors of ProBlogger might need to read…

31 Days to Building a Better Blog

Starting Monday I’m going to turn up the Blog Tips’ volume to 11 and am going to attempt to vomit onto you everything I know about how to make your blog better.

Teens and Technology

There’s an interesting report at Pew Internet on Teens and Technology which is the second this week that highlights the opportunities for tapping into the younger internet using market.

AdSense Plugin for WordPress Blogs

Digital Point’s forums has an interesting post announcing an Adsense plugin for WordPress with the following features.