What You Should Know About Trackback Spam

Trackback facilitates communication between blogs.

Create A .htaccess File Without Referral Spam

At present, there is a growing nuisance for users and administrators alike of sites that ruin web servers and more particularly, blogs.

Microsoft To Conquer Localized Media Delivery Problems

From the time that commercial paid advertisements and other media content came into being, it inadvertently led to an increase in the demand for more highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns on the Internet.

Debate: Full Or Partial Feeds?

One topic of debate that has gained attention in the blogging community is the choice between using full or partial RSS feeds.

Googles Online Feed Reader Application

Nothing is more frustrating than being inundated with information from the blogging community when you are clueless as how to manage all these content especially the ones you are interested in.

Blogs And Sales: A Natural Business Partnership?

As you can surmise, one of the principal reasons why businesses find blogs effective as business tools is they help generate or increase sales.

Podcasting Search Engine The Good And The Not

It is much easier for search engines to index text blogs than podcasts or videoblogs. At present, search engines are using link text and the text surrounding the links to podcasts and videoblogs as a means to index their contents.

WordPress Theme Kubrick K2 Review
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WordPress is a free, well-structured blog publishing software. One of its sophisticated features is the Kubrick template. It is an easy to install and customizable open source template.

What You Need To Know About WordPress Podcasts

WordPress is a blogging platform that has podcasting support. A podcast is a pre-recorded audio program, very much like a radio program that is listened to on the computer.

RSS Usability Problems And Solutions

RSS is a family of web-feed formats that is used for web syndication. It can also be used by news websites, weblogs and podcasting, among others.

WordPress And CMS: How To Make It Work

Since the release of WordPress, web users have customized this blogging software to suit their own needs.

Googles Query Refinements

Search engines aim to provide the most relevant results in response to queries but limitations can be seen on what is actually returned based on the queries used.

Google’s Tag To Remove Content Spamming

Content spamming, in its simplest form, is the taking of content from other sites that rank well on the search engines, and then either using it as-it-is or using a utility software like Articlebot to scramble the content to the point that it can’t be detected with plagiarism software.

Pay Attention To Your Embedded Links

Optimizing any web page involves both on-page and off-page optimization. Whereas on-page optimization emphasizes the use of carefully selected keywords to write a web page, off-page optimization is all about building links to the web page from other web pages as well as other websites.