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Twitter Users Not Using Twitter
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Are you one of those people who have a Twitter account, but doesn’t use it? If so, you’re not alone. Fresh statistics from the prestigious Harvard Business Review reveals that most Twitter account holders hardly every Tweet, retweet, follow, or are followed.

The Search that Pays
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During the days of dot-com and dial-up, companies were built overnight and many offered monetary incentives to lure users. Today, amidst the scams, there are still legitimate ways for the average computer user to make a little money online using Internet surveys, product reviews, and reading e-mail advertisements at the forefront of the arena; unfortunately, the monetary return for time invested is very small.

FiOS, Twitter, and TV
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While Twitter is working hard to dispel rumors that they’ll be making a reality Twitter TV show, Verizon engineers have been working hard combining Twitter with their FiOS TV.

Easier Than Ever to Video Tweet
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Why tweet in 140 characters or less when you can Tweet in full color video all day long? So query the video sharing sites like 12seconds.tv and twitvid.io which allow users to share video updates through their favorite microblog site—Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, friendfeed, et. al., ad nauseum. Whether you want to use your webcam or your mobile device, sharing video is only a couple of logins and a wee bit of hassle away.

A bit too much hassle, apparently, for some.

While Twitter Tweets, Yahoo’s Meme Barks
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Yahoo has introduced their own version of Twitter. For now, at least, you can only use it in Portuguese. It’s called Meme—borrowed from a word coined by Richard Dawkins (he used the word to describe a human gene that causes selfishness).

Phishing for Popularity on Twitter
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In an effort to build its own popularity, social networking has played largely upon the individual’s craving for popularity. How many friends you have on Facebook, how many followers you have on Twitter, or how many connections you have on LinkedIn can all be perceived as indicators of an individual’s Internet popularity. Just yesterday, a worm hit Twitter that preyed upon such desires.

The Sad, Short Life of Della

Earlier this month, Dell launched a subsite specifically tailored to attract a female clientele. But apparently, Dell was wearing the wrong outfit, because the relationship between Dell and Della was a short-lived affair. In fact, if you go to the link for the Della site, you are automatically redirected to Dell’s Lifestyle home page, making it appear that Della never even existed in the first place.