About Daniel Lamaute

Daniel Lamaute is CEO of InvestSafe.com a division of Lamaute Capital, Inc., an investment brokerage firm. Daniel has over 20 of experience in investment finance. He holds an MBA from Washington U in St. Louis, and advanced degrees from NYU and Harvard. For more information on Self-Employed 401(k)'s check out: http://www.investsafe.com
Penalty Free Money for College from Your IRA

Higher education is very important for landing lucrative jobs. For many the challenge is finding the money for college. One piece of good news is that if you use money from an IRA to pay for education expenses the IRA account holder may qualify for a tax break.

Small Business Loans That are Easier to Get

When it comes to small business loans the majority of banks and financial institutions are out of step with the needs of the small business owners. They insist on tying their business loans to assets such as brick, mortar, and equipment. All the while, they ignore the fact that going forward businesses with the greatest potential for growth will be those whose real assets consist of the ideas, knowledge, and vision of the owners and employees.

The Language of Business

The language associated with starting a business is unique. Using the correct business terms makes you look more professional and helps others understand exactly what you are trying to communicate to them. There are also important legal reasons to use specific language when describing your business.

Last Resort Money For Home or Business

Looking to pull money out of your IRA? Maybe you need the money to grow your business, to buy a home, or to get you through a financial bind. Well, before touching your nest egg you should first learn about the ways to help protect your nest egg from hefty taxes or penalties.

The Individual 401k – BIG Business Benefits For The Home Business

Major mutual fund and investment management companies now offer self employed individuals 401k plans that are easy to install and administer at very low cost. What’s more independent contractors and small business owners can borrow part of their retirement savings tax-free and penalty free by taking advantage of a loan provision in these new plans. Depending on who’s offering them, these individual plans are sold under different trademarked names such as (solo 401k, uni-k plan, personal(k), one person 401k, mini-401k, solo-owner 401k, etc…)