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Daniel Brookshier is the lead author and editor of JXTA: Java P2P Programming. He is a hands-on Java architect concentrating on JXTA, J2EE, Swing, and mentoring. Daniel is an independent consultant with clients in multiple industries, including such well known companies as Boeing, Ericsson, and Wal-Mart. His two personal Web sites are http://people.jxta.org/turbogeek/ and www.cluck.com cover
JXTA & Business – The Catalog

JXTA Catalog – Saving Money or Better Business

There are a few that stick to the old tried and true. The nice thing is that the adventurous have a competitive advantage. The adventure seekers and mavericks are better thinkers too because learning exercises the brain and keeps it humming.

The Riddle of the Sphinx


Sometimes you do something that surprises people. Jaws drop and wonder is seen in your friend’s eyes. You too can tap into these secrets of the ancients. See a source of hidden knowledge, known only to select few. Answer the riddle of the Sphinx, just by reading the manual.

JXTA – Is it Important or Just Cool?

Software can be a bit boring. So where do we get our jollies? What is exciting in the software world? Well, we can all take up skydiving while doing code reviews** or we can use a new technology. Its hard to say why ‘new’ holds such a fascination for most of us. When a new technology saves us time or money it has a lot of pull. But something that can save time and/or money “and” be cool, well it just warms our hearts.

The Socket API in JXTA 2.0

This article reprinted with permission by java.sun.com

Peer-to-peer (P2P) computing is difficult enough without having to learn a new API. The first version of JXTA introduced us to P2P, but the API was tough to learn, and not easily mapped to our current process. But now, with the release of JXTA 2.0, you get your warm fuzzies back — in the form of a ready-made API to wrap your P2P communications, with a socket-like interface and Java I/O streams.