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Google, Libraries, and Privacy

As you have no doubt heard by now, five major libraries have agreed to let Google digitize all or part of their collections.

Is Google Dying?

On sites with more than a few thousand pages, Google is not indexing anywhere from ten percent to seventy percent of the pages it knows about.

The Problem with Site MatchTM : Creeping Commercialism Infiltrates Pure Search Listings

For over a year now, Yahoo has spent a lot of money acquiring assets that will allow them to grab market share from Google. They bought Inktomi, which is feeding search results to the Microsoft network, and they bought Alltheweb, and AltaVista, and Overture. Last month they unveiled plans that will integrate these assets. The most controversial of these is Site Match, which involves embedding paid links into the main index. There has been very little comment about Site Match from the noncommercial sector. Almost all of the grassroots discussion revolves around whether the typical ecommerce webmaster can benefit from the Site Match model, or whether he would be better advised to rely on free crawling and indexing. The commentary from the pundits is even more shallow, and discusses whether Yahoo has the right stuff to crush Google. This article, on the other hand, looks at Site Match from the perspective of a nonprofit webmaster.

The Great Google Filter Fiasco: Mom & Pop Take it on the Chin

On or about November 17, 2003, countless English-language ecommerce sites no longer appeared near the top of the rankings when their owners used the search terms that they considered most important. Four days later, I discovered that by adding a nonsense exclusion term, the links returned by Google shifted dramatically, and the results were very close to what these site owners had come to expect over the last few months.