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Dan Thies is a well-known writer and teacher on search engine marketing. He offers consulting, training, and coaching for webmasters, business owners, SEO/SEM consultants, and other marketing professionals through his company, SEO Research Labs. His next online class will be a link building clinic beginning March 22
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I’ve had a lot of success with most of the search engines, but my manual submissions to Alta Vista are not getting posted. I am not spamming and have followed all the rules. Any ideas?

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What is going to happen when Yahoo starts using Inktomi results?

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I have a client who would like to design her home page so that it looks like a postcard. The little bit of text that will be on the home page will be in a handwriting font, which means, then, that the entire page will be a graphic. I know text on the home page is important for SE placement. Is there any way around this?

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Is link pop software any good or worth it? Like ARELIS 3 or OptiLink?

10-Minute Homepage Tune-Up

Is your site’s home page search engine friendly? Think so, eh? The vast majority of websites, even those belonging to Fortune 500 companies, are far from optimized. I use a simple four-step process to find the most common errors. Using this to do a quick tune-up on your homepage takes about 10 minutes, and it will pay off for years to come.

3 Key Principles of Search Engine Strategy

It’s not hard to find good information on search engines… the hard part is telling the good information apart from the bad. Some of it is old, some of it is wrong, and a lot of it is just self-serving propaganda for someone’s product or service. My first commercial site, Website Promotion Central, boasts top rankings for very competitive keywords like “website promotion.” It’s become the 3rd most popular website promotion resource, according to DirectHit.

What Makes Teoma Different: Did Anyone Say “Themes?”

What Makes Teoma Different: Did Anyone Say “Themes?”
If there could ever be a search engine designed specifically to reward the developers of high-value, high-content websites, Teoma is it. Teoma likes content-rich websites (just like yours) with lots of links from related sites (you work on this every day, right?), that follow a consistent theme (there’s that word again!).

Teoma Ranking Tips

Teoma Ranking Tips
First of all, I will say that the same “optimization” techniques we use for every search engine will apply to Teoma, too. Optimizing each web page for the specific search terms involved is a simple exercise. Beyond that, Teoma presents some interesting challenges and opportunities.

The New Teoma 2.0: Best Search Ever?

The New Teoma 2.0: Best Search Ever?
The “Teoma” search engine (www.teoma.com) is a part of the Ask.com / Ask Jeeves search portal. It delivers search results on a large number of portals and websites that use Jeeves search boxes, as well as delivering a substantial and growing number of searches through Teoma.com itself. In fact, it is now the #3 search engine database, in terms of the audience it reaches, behind Google and Inktomi.

Are You Ready To Froogle?

Google has recently introduced a “beta” version of their “Froogle” online shopping search engine. Unlike their well-known search service, Froogle attempts to provide a searchable index of online merchandise catalogs.

In this short article, I’ll describe what Froogle offers searchers, how online merchants can participate, and offer a few simple tips to make the most of this new search engine.

The Google ToolBar

Dear Dan,

We recently achieved #4 on Google tool bar, does it help to bring the site up in key word search? Because until now in key word search our web site is not visible. Do you have any idea what we should be doing to improve the ranking. Can you look at our web site and give us suggestions. Thanks.

Position Weaver

Dear Dan,

Does position weaver still work on all search engines?


Dear Ged,

Submission Frequency

Dear Dan,

How often should you submit your web site to the search engines? I received an email from one SEO company that claims you should do this daily, within the limits of the number of URL you are allowed to submit every day. Others claim that this is abusive, pages should only be submitted when it is new or modified.

Submitting to Inktomi

Dear Dan,

The cost for submitting the first URL to the Inktomi database for one year is $39 and the cost for a second is $25. Once a URL is submitted to the Inktomi database for the first year is there any need to submit the URL for subsequent years? Could you review the pros and cons of submitting for the second year versus not submitting?

Is A Yahoo Listing Still Worth The Cost?

In October 2002, the Yahoo! portal changed the way it delivers search results. In the past, the most prominent results were exclusively culled from websites listed in the Yahoo directory itself. Since October, sites listed in the Yahoo directory no longer enjoy this privileged status.

The Google search engine now drives the primary search results on Yahoo. While this is certainly an improvement for users of Yahoo search, it’s a disaster for many businesses that counted on their Yahoo listing to deliver substantial traffic.

5 Ways To Prepare Your Website For 2003

Most online businesses experience seasonal highs and lows. Retailers experience a boom during the holidays, and a big drop in late December. For the rest of us, holiday spending often leaves us “out in the cold” for a month or two.

We can’t control the coming and going of the seasons, but we can control how we react to seasonal lows. After 15 years in a very seasonal industry, I’ve learned that how we handle the holiday (or post-holiday) slowdown can determine the future of our business.

Spam-Proofing Your Website

Almost every website operator wants search engine spiders to visit. After all, search engines are the best source of free traffic on the web. In the event that you don’t want them to visit, they are easily kept at bay with a properly formatted “robots.txt” file.

SEO Advice from Dan Thies

The first questioner is mostly concerned about submissions – it’s really too detailed to give a short response that addresses all the questions.

The “short” answers for Curtis are:

First question

Surviving the Submission Jungle

One of my favorite “scams that won’t die” are the companies that drop SPAM into my inbox every week offering to submit my website to “thousands” of search engines for the low low price of $20 a month.

The Complete SEO Conversations With Dan Thies

Dear Dan,

I’d like to submit a couple questions that seem relevant to me regarding search engines. I read a lot of information on SEO, but it’s hard to get a bead for such a moving target. I’d guess about 50% of what you can find on the web on this topic is, in fact, completely obsolete and misleading. Then there’s another 20-30% that will only lead you into the very trouble described in the article. Out of the “wheat” that’s left, I don’t really see any straightforward answers to these questions:

Resubmission Tactics: Follow Up

In a recent issue Marv Dealy, of Throckmorten Enterprises asked about the wisdom of repeatedly resubmitting your site to the search engines. We received conflicting responses from two top SEO specialists. Here’s a response from Dan Thies, which offers some surprising advice, and tips the scales towards NOT resubmitting your site. In fact, Dan advises that you don’t submit your site at all!

7 Key Email Marketing Tactics

Email is often described as the most effective marketing vehicle on the Internet today. Compared to banner advertising or other methods, targeted email marketing can deliver far better results at a much lower cost. It’s also a very easy way to lose money!

Controlling Search Engine Spiders

Sometimes you have pages on your website that you don’t want the search engines to see – maybe they’re not optimized yet, or maybe they’re not quite relevant to your site’s theme. In other cases, you want to get rid of some annoying search robot that’s cluttering up your logs. Whatever your reason is for wanting to keep the spiders under control, the best way to do so, by far, is to use a “robots.txt” file on your website. Robots.txt is a simple text file that you upload to the root directory of your website. Spiders read this file first, and process it, before they crawl your site. The simplest robots.txt file possible is this:

Spam-Proofing Your Website and Doing Away With Unwanted Spiders

Almost every website operator wants search engine spiders to visit. After all, search engines are the best source of free traffic on the web. In the event that you don’t want them to visit, they are easily kept at bay with a properly formatted “robots.txt” file.