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Dan Thies is a well-known writer and teacher on search engine marketing. He offers consulting, training, and coaching for webmasters, business owners, SEO/SEM consultants, and other marketing professionals through his company, SEO Research Labs. His next online class will be a link building clinic beginning March 22
How Many Links Do You Need?
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We all know that link building is an important aspect of SEO. Most of the websites I look at are reasonably well optimized, at least in terms of “on page” factors, but they’re usually in terrible shape when it comes to links – both within the website and within the area of link popularity.

Understanding The SEO Triangle

There is no doubt that competition between businesses on the World Wide Web is increasing. If you aren’t feeling the heat yet, you will soon enough. In order to survive, you must have a sharply focused strategy in all aspects of your online presence.

Search Engine Strategy Links or Content?

The Links vs. Content “Debate”

A debate of sorts is raging in the search engine optimization community, about whether content or linking is the best path to top rankings. This debate has been played out in all of the major search engine discussion forums and has become fodder for countless blogs.

How To Prosper In The New Google

Fortunately for SEO Fast Start readers, the key strategies for succeeding on the “new” Google are pretty much the same as they were with the “old” Google. Unfortunately, a lot of folks have taken short cuts – for these folks, and for anyone else out there who isn’t familiar with the “fast start” strategy, here’s a quick rundown of the important steps you need to take.

Google Rumors That Need To Be Stopped
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There are a lot of theories and rumors floating around. Most of them involve some sort of “filter” or penalty being applied to certain types of sites. Filtering out extreme spam is nothing new for Google. Among other things, they’ve been trying to catch hidden text for several months. I just don’t see how a filter, or any combination of filters and penalties, could explain the current search results.

Google Goes Topical: The Smoking Gun

Uncovering The New Algorithm

There have been all sorts of theories put forward about Google’s new algorithm. What I present here, as far as I can tell, fits the facts at hand. You are welcome to disagree with me.

Major Changes At Google

This journey started on November 16, 2003…

The fourth edition of “Search Engine Optimization Fast Start” (a.k.a. SEO Fast Start) had just gone through the final proofreading and editing stages, and I was writing the email to notify my readers of its availability, when my phone rang with a little bit of breaking news. Google had suddenly started acting “crazy,” according to the caller.

Will Microsoft Search Kill Apache?

Microsoft dominates the software world because they are better at strategy than anyone else. Beginning with the way they beat everyone to the punch with Altair BASIC, to their decision to embrace the PC platform, over and over we see very sharp strategy from Microsoft. MSN is already a very popular search service. They’re also an ISP, and a major portal. 1/3 of web users use MSN for one thing or another, not necessarily search, but MSN is already big. They serve about 12-15% of the searches on any given day.

Don’t Fear The Search Engines!

Step 1: Positioning (a.k.a. search term selection)

Find Your Best Search Terms With Adwords

Choosing the most targeted keywords and search terms has long been a guessing game. While considerable skill is still required to find good search terms, a great deal of the “guesswork” can now be eliminated.

Boosting Affiliate Sales On A High Traffic Site

Please go to www.thecrayonhouse.com – launched in November 1999. The site enjoys over 75000 visitors per month – as high as 95000 some months. We have won some awards and receive constant positive feed back from our visitors. We are unable to make any affiliate or click through program generate income for the site. It is a cash drain from our main business and we may have to consider closing. Obviously, this would be financially and emotionally disappointing. Any ideas?

Flash And Your SEO Rankings

Hi Dan:

I have recently changed the look of my website of four years, I have added a Flash page that seems to have deleted me from the search engines almost completely ( I was between 10th and 15th on almost all engines) with my URL so unique to the keywords… Hotelphotography.com. and a lot of submitting, I had good positioning.

Google Trauma: Dan Thies Rescues Reader’s Site

Hi Dan:
So here is the Google problem. My website located at http://www.2linc.com was being reindexed by Google about twice a week. It then stopped being reindexed and has since reverted to an older cache of the site. When I resubmit the website to Google they index the site and then the cache becomes correct. After a few days Google’s cache of my website reverts back to the old one again. Any ideas what is happening?

Overcome Your Search Engine Fear!

Many do-it-yourself webmasters and online entrepreneurs have been led to believe that search engine optimization is a black art, and that no mere amateur can hope to compete with the “experts.” If you are among them, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to drive free, targeted traffic to your website.

Search Engine Positioning: 3 Key Principles

It’s not hard to find good information on search engine positioning… the hard part is telling the good information apart from the bad. Some of it is old, some of it is wrong, and a lot of it is just self-serving propaganda for someone’s product or service.

Link Building: Finding Appropriate Partners

Hi Dan,
I enjoy reading your articles. As with most information, I feel hungry for more depth. One of the lines in your “Expanding Content For More Traffic” begs a question.

Expanding Content For More Traffic

We have just released a Children’s Learning CD. We are having a hard time getting on search engine positions. Could you also look at our site and see if it needs some changes?

Does Google Index Dynamic Pages?

Is it posible to index in Google a dynamic page like the ones you have in your site? For example: http://www.insideoutmarketing.com/index.php?p=sections&sid=7 I developped a Content Management System that creates dynamic menus and pages and each link of each item of the menu point to a category of articles and each title of each article points to the entire article using its number like this: http://astursistemas.com/demo/index.php?categoria_no=17 (category No.17, sorry it is in spanish) http://astursistemas.com/demo/Articulos.php?articulo_no=16 (article No. 16)

If I submit the above URLs to Google, will they be indexed?

Getting Listed in Australian Search Engines

Can you tell me how I can submit to Google and Anzwer AustraliaNew Zealand? I rank number 4 in the World search but don’t even show in Australian searches. I pay Express submission to Inktomi my web address www.matstoneglobal.com is it because I have .com and not .com.au

Improve Your Rankings: Original Content May Help

My site at http://www.jodee.biz ranks 3/10 on google, and on alexa it ranks: “Traffic Rank for jodee.biz:337,641.” Other sites that link to this site: 447. What I would like to know is: how can I improve my ratings more for some of my keywords such as “grilling net gurus.” I am on the first page on others it can’t be found any suggestion I do trade links with other sites plus I have now added more content by way of articles and newsletters

Dan Thies Answers Website Promotion Questions
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Dan Thies is the author of “Search Engine Optimization Fast Start,” and a frequent contributor to WebProNews. He has more books coming out soon on pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, e-zine publishing, and a beginner’s book on building a small business website.

Dan is happy to answer “almost any” question, but if you would like an intelligent answer, please stick to the general topics of online marketing, website promotion, and search engine positioning (including pay per click). Please include your website’s URL, and as many details as possible.

Getting Listed: a Search Engine Jump Start

I need help getting my web page on the search engines. I have a Condo at Port Aransas,Texas. It is a two bedroom with a fully furnished kitchen overlooking the ocean. There is a Gambling Ship that has its home port there and of course fishing, surfing and boating.

The Four Pieces to the Search Optimization Puzzle

Hi Dan,

The clients I have now came primarily by word of mouth, although three did find me on the web — through Microsoft Front Page. If you type in “spideree” in Google search, I’m in the first 8 listings, but I’m not even in the first 10 pages when you type in “web design” + “New Jersey.”

the Google “Snippet” System in Action

Dear Dan,
My name is Brandon Stone. I’m senior tech and webmaster for a company called Martin Yale Industries. We manufacture office and graphics equipment. I took over the company website about a year ago. It had previously been ignored for about five years. So, I went out and bought a copy of FrontPage and taught myself to build webs. I have been building for about 2 years now, and have had a lot of success in the search engines. Thanks to WebProNews, that is. Without WebProNews, I don’t think that I would be anywhere near as keen as I am. I definitely don’t think my company would be #1 for “desktop graphics equipment” in Google.