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Dan Morrill runs Techwag, a site all about his views on social media, education, technology, and some of the more interesting things that happen on the internet. He works at CityU of Seattle as the Program Director for the Computer Science, Information Systems and Information Security educational programs.
Microsoft and Zend Play Nice

Probably more than one jaw hit the floor when yesterday Zend and Microsoft announced that they were going to start playing nicely with each other. If anyone has ever tried to get PHP to load into a windows 2003 server probably knows what I am talking about too.

Bringing Your Retail Vision to the Web

For retail people, for many small business owners, they have a vision of the web site that they really hope to see, but have problems then translating from their vision to the details that technical folks need so that the vision can be realized.

Outsourcing – Relationships and Issues

Many folks cringe when we start talking about the experiences that we have with outsourcing anything from the company.

Protecting Your Lap top

If anything makes an argument for disk drive level encryption, or synching a laptop back to the head office better than the recent news and meetings over the ability of US Border Guards being able to seize and inspect a companies laptop I cannot think of one.

Revisiting Google Borg or Google Brain

Originally and with much enthusiasm I wrote about Google seen becoming the next Borg, where in our collective consciousness we tried to see what was available to us using the Google search engine.

Google Censorship (What we can no longer find)

I am a big fan of Google, for all the things that Google stands for, and for all the amount of content that I generate about the company, I really do like them.

The Traditional IT Attitude: Dumping it

E-Week has two very penetrating and insightful articles on IT and the roles that it plays in business. These articles support the idea that IT needs to become more business savvy, and business needs to become more IT savvy to make it in the market place.