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Social Networking Donation Cause Leaves MySpace For Facebook

Causes is a social networking donation platform that uses MySpace so that people can raise money for causes or issues that they believe in. Generally these kinds of activities help provide a community around issues like Breast Cancer, or stop smoking, or other issues that are part of our daily life.

Will E-books As Text Books Ever Work?

As students begin to reject the Amazon Kindle ebook reader, the idea of ebooks as text books for colleges should start taking center stage. What device or system is going to truly work for busy students who want to use ebooks, but are finding it hard to use them at all on any device?

Trends Of A Teenage Hacker

 When it comes to hacking social networks, girls are showing that they are more practical than boys in terms of what they are doing. Girls are more likely to go after information that leads to bank accounts, while boys are more likely to hack social networks in a survey conducted in England by Trend Micro. 

World Bank Hacking – Great Timing

The world bank has been hacked repeatedly over the last year according to a report on Dark Reading, which once again brings out the question, where was the information security team on this one?

Customers Cry Foul On Wal-Mart’s DRM Decision

 In yet another shutdown of DRM servers, following on the heels of Yahoo and MSN Music,Wal-Mart is also shutting down their DRM servers casting millions of dollars in media locked into one computer, unless you can copy it over to disk. 

Hackers Copy Palin’s Yahoo E-mail

In a blow to the republican vice presidential candidate’s privacy, hackers have taken over and copied all the e-mails out of Governor Palins e-mail account on Yahoo. The best part is that no one knows if the account was hacked via a Yahoo Zero day or a bad password choice.

Apple Declares War on Sneaker Hackers
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The IPod Nano and Nike TM shoe was a great idea for people to listen to music as they walk, and get information on how much they walked during the time the two systems were synched. Apple has decided to declare war against sneaker hackers, and have a patent to work out if the system of nano and sensor is an “authorized garment”.

33,000 Clear Travelers Information Compromised

A TSA Laptop containing names, social security numbers, passport numbers, and a host of other personal information has been stolen out of a locked cabinet at the San Francisco Airport, and no the hard drive was not encrypted.

There is no notification of the breach at the flyclear.com site, nor has anything been reported on the breech blog or on the attrition.org data loss site on this issue yet.

Cuil Is A Pretty Cool Search Engine

Take a test drive of Cuil this morning; you will be surprised at what you find.

It has been a while since a new product has come out on the market in the search engine space that actually works well, and is actually fairly interesting in how they present data. Cuil was released to the public this morning, and it is truly something very cool.

Laptops Being Searched At Borders

Well it was bound to happen at some point, and has serious ramifications for laptops and other

11 Year Old Hacks The Iphone

 Business has a phrase called “Barriers to Entry” meaning that depending on skill and money, some companies are easier to start than others. It is easy to start a bookstore on Amazon, it is very hard to start up a company to take on Cisco.

Security Issues Discovered at TSA Site

In what should be a warning to travelers and just about everyone on the Internet, a web site built for the TSA has been found to have significant security issues, endangering travelers, as well as the reputat

Beware of New MySpace Malware

Security Watch is reporting a new MySpace security issue that could reasonably make someone’s day unhappy. The idea behind the hack is to send an authentic looking patch from Microsoft to a person’s computer, once they have clicked on a link to view a person’s profile.

Talk Show Host Gets Bank Account Hacked

Hackers turn the tables on the talk show host “Top Gear” who made an outrageous claim that no one could do anything evil if their banking information was stolen.

The humor part comes in that when he checked his bank account, someone had done a 500 pound (1000 dollar) donation to diabetes UK.

UK Aims to Stop Hackers by Banning Tools

In what could be a bad day for United Kingdom pen testers, stress testers, and other systems security folks, the UK is getting ready to ban the creation and distribution of tools that could be used by hackers. This generally unpleasant concept could make it not only impossible to create the next nessus or nmap by anyone in the UK, it could also send them to jail for distributing the tools they make as well.

This ought to set back UK computer security by decades.

Kindle DRM Down the Tubes

Yet another DRM goes down the tubes, this time it is for the kindle, while the reviews have been mixed, most folks who got their hands on the kindle like it, but as usual wish that it could do more than it was originally designed to do.

Banner Ads Used as Hacker Tools

Legitimate sites and their users have been dealing with a rash of malware being spread by banner ads, from Monster to MLB (Major League Baseball) NHL (National Hockey League) and other sites that are delivering malware.

While the Monster dot com exploit is well known news, the MLB and NHL sites are not well known, but used a similar way of purchasing advertising on a web site, and then using that advertising to deliver malware to customers as shown in the video below.

Security Around the Gphone & Iphone

With the open handset alliance, the scrutiny for Linux based cell phone operating systems is once again something that security engineers need to think about.

Recent Page Rank Mayhem

The latest round of page rank scoring by Google has hit many good web sites very hard, in that the bigger list of A level blogs, and big blog companies like Weblogs.inc have seen a sharp decrease in their page ranks. This is leading to speculation that some of these sites will soon be joining the Web 2.0 dead pool, or have to reduce staff via layoffs.

Is Tech Blogging Broken?

Ah the A List under question again, and the importance of Techmeme in relationship to where people find news, and then blog about what is happening in the news. While techmeme is not the only source, it is quickly becoming the authoritative source of information for people who read and write techblogs. So there is no surprise that clever marketing people have figured out how to game the system.

Bloggers are Growing Up

Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising that a company can get. It is better than millions of dollars spent on TV ads that few see, or Internet Advertising that people have learned to ignore.

Robert Scoble points out that the PR hacks have been quietly working their way around the personalities of the A and B List bloggers, to get their new shiny app or toy featured on techmeme.

New Google Reader Stats

While the new google reader stats are a neat idea, Mashable comes up with a hugely researched piece on why the new Google stats are not entirely accurate. With enough supporting information to make you wonder just how accurate any web based reading system can be against the logs that the server itself is generating.

Web 3.0 Definition

We are all doomed, Jason calacanis has come out with his definition of web 3.0, and for everyone who is not gifted, then well, and maybe we are not web 3.0 worthy. There is a lot of user developed content out there, some good, some bad, most down the middle of the road.

Seeking Well-Rounded Employees

It might sound like a wacky idea, but one that is quickly gaining popularity in the business world. The idea of IT savvy folks with enough business understanding to make things happen is getting more social pressure from companies and IT departments.