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Two “Must’s” in e-Marketing

-Must make them see you in 60 characters or less.

Where do you advertise? Links, FFA’s, Classified ads, opt-in email, news groups, message boards, search engines? All of them are limited in how many characters you can use. In the ocean of ads, you have to grab the viewers attention, then make them click.

Salvaging the FFAL…

Are FFAL pages really dead? I say no. Let me tell you a short story. I put a site analysis tool on my FFAL page to see what it was doing. I didn’t expect to see much but was surprised to find out that I was receiving hits on my page that have nothing to do with my website.

Check Your Server!

Do you use your own virtual server to send out your magazine? I do. Be warned, I have discovered bad things that can happen when you don’t check your server before you send to your list.

Who’s watching you?

How many business owners use DSL, cable or other fast modem hookup to get on the internet? I use a 56k modem myself, but because I test most of my programming online, I am on 10 to 16 hours a day.

Advertising for Free or Less
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I find it hard sometimes to eat my own words. While I program, write web pages, maintain a web site and cellular phone sites, I rarely have time to advertise my web pages. What I’m going to tell you I know works, when I use it.