About D. Raizman

D. Raizman is recognized by the community of IT gurus and practitioners as a world-class technologist, pioneer and visioneer, especially in the areas of Web Services and distributed computing, as well as in predicting of the upcoming software industry trends. Under his guidance several software companies achieved a well-established reputation of excellence with the toughest of customers.

D. Raizman has spent more than 20 years of his career helping IT organizations productively build real-world business applications. He has held various positions in the IT sector ranging from software development and project management, and up to the leading of a software start-up, which was acquired afterwards by one of the foremost giants of the software industry. Recently Mr. Raizman founded a new software start-up: www.symula.com which is developing innovative model-driven service framework - Web Services Factory.

D. Raizman holds M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science. A noted business leader and consultant in the industry, he is often-invited speaker at several IT conferences and welcomed writer for the most reputable industry magazines such as: O'Relly, eBIZQ, SDTimes and others.
How Web Services Spurt Multi-Bidder Real Time Auctions

Banner-alike real-time auctioning Web Services can be easily incorporated into websites – just like a regular banner.