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The Future of Advertising
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Advertising is a medium that constantly evolves. It changes with the times. It adapts to new technologies. It is unrelenting in its desire to find new and better ways to reach an ever-growing consumer marketplace. But its not simply advertising that evolves.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Copy – The Down and Dirty Details

Today, being on the first page for your most popular keyword phrase is like having the most memorable prime time television commercial in 1973. Essentially, that’s where the power of advertising is going. It’s all about Search. And Search is only going to become more important over the next ten years.

Hiring a Great Copywriter Can Be a Challenge

There are a lot of good writers out there. There are even a lot of great writers out there. But a copywriter- a great copywriter, does more than just write. A great copywriter has the ability to write persuasively, research facts, and think in terms of the “total marketing piece”- because copy is only a part of the ad, brochure, website, or flyer.

Fixing Bad Web Site Copy

Let’s face it – a lot of web pages and web sites out there could use a little improvement in the copywriting department! >From boring prose to bad sentence structure, from poor logic to inadequate copy optimization, I’ve seen it all. And this is what your customers are reading as they jump on to your site! If they have to sludge through bad writing, they will get a negative feeling about your product or service. Is this the impression that you want them to have?