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Fortune 1000 Web Server Technology Surveys

Port80 Software released new surveys of the Web server technology used by U.S. Fortune 1000 companies on their main corporate Web sites.

CyberGuard Develops a Custom Mobile Security Appliance

CyberGuard has developed a custom mobile security appliance – the sVPN or single virtual private network – for remote employees of a leading electronic commerce business.

nLayers Releases Latest Version of nLayers InSight

nLayers today released the latest version of its flagship product, nLayers InSight, an agentless appliance that automatically uncovers ways to reduce IT costs by optimizing resource allocation within the application infrastructure.

HP Introduces HP StorageWorks XP12000 Disk Array

HP StorageWorks XP12000 Delivers Low-cost, Tiered Storage for 50 Percent Savings on Additional Disk Capacity.