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The Secret Of Highly Effective Communication – Part I

Communication and Hypnosis:

Hypnosis is a word that can almost be guaranteed to get a strong reaction from people. But ask a hundred people what it is and you will get a hundred different answers.

Rapport: The Magic Key To Persuasion

When it comes to being influential with people, my good friend David Barron likes to say “inside of rapport, anything is possible… Outside of rapport little is possible.” While David goes into much more depth on Rapport in the Foundations of Persuasion, I wanted to spend some time on this topic today.

Techniques for Helping Coaching Clients Express Emotions

The first rule for helping clients uncover and express emotions is to be observant. Watch and listen for signs that indicate what is going on inside of your clients. This requires that you be in the moment with them, and that you listen at level Three, were you are aware of your client and yourself. You will need to trust your intuition at times, since some of these signs will be subtle. At other times it will be very obvious. In Hypnosis we refer to powerful emotions during a session as an abreaction, which sounds like a bad thing, but is actually very theraputic and a sign you are doing good work.

Persuade By Plugging Into Their Pattern Of Thinking

What would it be like if just by listening to a person’s speech, you could tell how they were think about their reality? If they were to tell you their limitations on how they see the world, can you imagine how this might be useful in any situation where you desired to persuade them to your point of view?

Six Core Secrets Of Persuasion

Have you ever had the feeling you just don’t have what it takes to influence anyone you come in contact with? I know I once felt that way until I started studying persuasion and influence. The truth is, we all have persuasion power, and it builds on core mechanisms of how our minds work. This article has some key aspects of influence that anyone can access immediately.