About Courtney Heard

Courtney Heard is the founder of Abalone Designs, a search engine optimization company in Vancouver, Canada. She has been involved in web development and marketing since 1995 and has helped start several businesses since then in the Vancouver area. More of Courtney's articles are available at http://www.abalone.ca/resources/.
Why Your #1 Ranking Isnt Bringing You New Traffic

You’ve watched your web site grow, gain a higher PR, and more incoming links. Your ranking has steadily increased for keywords that relate to the product or service your site is selling, until finally you reach number one.

Screwed: Is this an inevitability in the SEO World?

By about 2pm everyday, each of my team members has spoken to a good handful of clients and potential clients who have been speaking with other SEO firms.

Increasing Your Link Luck

Link development can be an absolute nightmare. It takes up most of a marketer’s time and the yield isn’t always what we originally hoped.

Has Google Lost the Plot?

With the help of MSN, recently I’ve been reminiscing about the Google of old. Remember those days?

Link Popularity – A Thing of the Past?

I’ve found myself involved in a lot of discussions about the dropping importance of link popularity lately.