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The Spate of Social Bookmarking Sites

The always-interesting TechCrunch blog has a profile of Shadows, yet another social bookmarking service that’s getting rave reviews.

Biz Week Buzz Stirs Flock Frenzy

Flock, the Web 2.0 browser sensation that hasn’t even shipped its flagship browser to the public yet, got still more golden PR from another big media outlet, this time from Business Week.

Why Former IE Developer Switched To Firefox

A former lead interface developer of Internet Explorer posts a fascinating confession about “Why I switched to Firefox,” in which he admits his allegiance to Firefox.

Flock Web Browser: Could it Supplant Firefox as Browser of Choice for Cool Kids?

Believe it or not, Firefox 1.0 has been around for less than a year. In that short time, it has gained at least 10% of the browser marketshare and spurred Microsoft to finally bring back Internet Explorer from its innovation stasis.

You’ve Seen GMail, Now Meet YMail

Word has it that the next version of Yahoo Mail is due any day as a limited public beta…

Screenshots of Office 12 Hint at Radical Interface Revamp

ZDNet has some tantalizing screenshots of the radically improved user interface in the next release of Microsoft Office.

Seven Versions for Vista!?

Bill, you have got to be kidding us all. The always-excellent Signal vs. Noise blog says that Microsoft has seven versions planned for its next Windows release, Vista (the OS formerly known as Longhorn)…

Gmail Opens Up in More Ways Than One

Yay to Google for opening up Gmail to external POP3 e-mail accounts. Sort of. Without fanfare, Google recently rolled out the ability to customize the “from:” address when sending mail through Gmail.

Google Payment System Deals with Micropayments, says Lee

(via PaidContent) Bambi Francisco’s recent column on Marketwatch, essentially an interview with Kevin Lee, discusses what Kevin thinks about Google’s mysterious payment system…

A Person-to-Person, Stored-Value System?

OK, so CEO Eric Schmidt says that Google is not building a PayPal competitor after all. In fact, it’s apparently much more — or perhaps much less — than that…

Will Google Destroy eBay and Amazon?

Battelle again points us to an ever more prescient article (looking forward, looking back) about how “Google beat Amazon and eBay to the Semantic Web” in the year 2009, so I think that automatically means that the rest of us search bloggers are obliged to pick up on it.

A Shout Out to Backpack

You can’t read many blogs lately — especially those relating to the ubiquitous getting things done (GTD) meme — without stumbling across a glowing review of Backpack.

Future of Online Content is Bright

Could it be that in the future, only poor people will read magazines? Don’t laugh. It will happen.

Longhorn Wants You to Organize, Not Search

Apparently Microsoft has decided to take a different approach for finding stuff on your desktop in Longhorn, the next Windows operating system, due in 2006.

Furor Over Google AutoLink Overblown

It’s one thing for Microsoft to do it in typical Microsoft fashion, but it’s another thing entirely for Google to do it, Google-style.

Standard Naming Convention Would Speed RSS Adoption

Recently there was some chatter from Dave Winer, founder of RSS, about the difficulty of RSS in penetrating the public’s attention.

Web Analytics Association Was Way Overdue

From the “what took them so long” department, leading makers of web analytics software have joined together to form the Web Analytics Association …