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Nokia, MasterCard test wireless payment

Imagine waving your mobile phone at a filling pump to pay for gas or tapping it on some tiny gadget to buy a bag of doughnuts.

Key security questions that every executive should be able to answer

Common sense dictates that before you build a security infrastructure, you need to understand what you’re trying to secure.

U.K. police nab Fluffi Bunni hacker

Members of the U.K. Computer Crime Unit arrested a suspected member of the notorious hacker group Fluffi Bunni yesterday.

Microsoft Releases 64-bit SQL Database

Microsoft Corp. has released a 64-bit database and claims that the new system features performance rivaling that of Unix-based systems yet offers greater ease of use and at a lower cost.

Tight IT Budgets Put Crimp in SAN Plans

David Chamberlain, vice president of architecture and capacity planning at Providian Financial Corp., last week said the biggest challenge he will face this year is trying to manage the company’s 170TB of storage following layoffs that cut Providian’s IT staff from 1,300 people to 750.

Frankly Speaking: Secure Your Users

At the RSA Security conference last week in San Francisco, the big news was a new set of cybersecurity best practices, a new application vulnerability description language and a push for Web services security, along with the usual collection of new IT security products.

Users Back Novell Plan for NetWare-to-Linux Path

NetWare 7 release will put services on both OS kernels as means of providing migration option

UPS to spend $127M on tri-mode wireless driver terminals

United Parcel Service Inc. plans to spend $127 million over the next five years on global deployment of a new driver terminal that features built-in cellular, wireless LAN and Bluetooth short-range wireless systems.

Microsoft details Office 2003 lineup

Microsoft plans instead to encourage developers to use a new set of tools, tentatively named “Visual Studio Tools for Office,” that will be released in conjunction with Office 2003, said Simon Marks, product manager for Microsoft Office.

Dell, Oracle tout alliance on enterprise server systems

Dell’s strategy is to sell servers primarily using two to four processors that can be combined, or clustered, to boost processing power. A key component of that strategy is Oracle9i’s ability to run on such clustered systems.

SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop slated for June

SuSE Linux AG now plans to ship its SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop operating system in June, a delay from original plans to ship it during the just-ended first quarter.

Porn Policy Collars a Million-Dollar Customer

A brief altercation this week with a staff salesperson gave me a new perspective on how pornographic e-mail can affect our business.

Wireless security: The case for VPNs

To allay many of these fears and to encourage adoption, the IEEE has been working on a task team for a security standard to be called 802.11i.